Saturday, October 20, 2007

Bauer Wants Clinton-Bayh Ticket

House Speaker Pat Bauer tells the Star's Mary Beth Schneider he's supporting Sen. Hillary Clinton's bid to become the 2008 Democratic presidential nominee because he wants a Clinton-Bayh ticket. Quoting Bauer, Schneider writes:

“I endorsed Hillary because I want Evan Bayh to be the vice president on that ticket,” Bauer said.

He said he did so after Bayh, who recently signed on as national co-chairman of Clinton’s campaign, personally called him to encourage his support for the former first lady. Asked whether the former Indiana governor told him that such endorsements would help him become Clinton’s running mate, Bauer said: “Um, I can’t say he said that exactly, but I know that’s the case.”

“I think he said she’s going to win, and he is very close to her and they work very well together and they hope to work very well together in the future,” Bauer said.

Indiana Democrats seems to be pretty confident Clinton will choose Bayh as her running mate. Assuming she has made any confidential assurances to him in consideration for his support, it wouldn't surprise me if she had made similar assurances to others. Beyond that, Bayh doesn't seem like a good fit for her if she is playing the electoral arithmetic game. Clinton would not carry Indiana just because Bayh is on the ticket as Bauer speculates. As we saw with John Kerry's selection of John Edwards as his 2004 running mate, Edwards didn't help Kerry in the least bit in winning any red states despite being a southerner, and he is a far better public speaker than the bland Bayh. The fact is Clinton is ballot box poison in the red states. Rex Early's quip to Schneider hit the nail on the head. “I’d love it,” he said, adding with a laugh: “Please don’t throw me in that briar patch, brother fox.”


Anonymous said...

Oh my God!

PARIS -- Hillary Rodham Clinton, the leading Democratic candidate for U.S. President, may be called as a material witness in the State of California, in what may be the largest election fraud in U.S. history. All news of this case has been effectively censored in the U.S. mainstream media. Read the full story in The Wall Street Journal, "For Clinton, 2000 Fund-Raising Controversy Lingers".

Hillary may have violated the law by not reporting large contributions to her successful 2000 campaign for U.S. Senator. Mr. Peter F. Paul claims that his contributions were omitted from the public reports filed with the Federal Election Commission, and Hillary denies all knowledge of these contributions. Read the latest ruling in Case B191066, Paul v. Clinton.

Hillary even denies knowing Mr. Paul, a three time convicted felon, who made the contributions to her 2000 Senate campaign. A video, "Hillary Exposed", produced by the Equal Justice Foundation of America has been viewed more than 784,000 times. A case such as this normally ends any aspirations that a politician may have for public office, and certainly raises questions about the illicit fund-raising practices in the Clinton camp.

Anonymous said...

Indiana will not support Clinton. A Clinton-Bayh team will go down in flames. Bayh is not presidential and never will be. Clinton didn't make a good First Lady...President? What a joke.

Anonymous said...

Gary, love your blog, but here's a deal:

I won't make smarmy comments about your presidential/veep choices, if you do likewise.

Cause I'd have a hell of a lot more fun, and hit a lot more paydirt.

LOTS more.

Anonymous said...

You may ask Gary to not mention the candidates but that won't stop me from saying I would never vote for the shrill whiney voiced socialist Clinton. We have have enough of the Clintons and the Bush's and Peterson and the council cronies too. Time for fresh new ideas and faces.

Anonymous said...

I Just dont see Indiana supporting Clinton. This could be the end of Bayh;s career in politics

Anonymous said...

5:43, Hillary doesn't need your vote. I do agrre that we've had enough of the Bushes. 1/20/09 can't come fast enough.
As for Bayh, he would make it the closest presidential contest in Indiana in decades, a likely help Hillary win Ohio, too. I'm not sure what "red states" Gary refers too, but there's plenty of purple ones to choose fron, i.e. Virginia, Arkansas, Kentucky ...

Anonymous said...

"I won't make smarmy comments about your presidential/veep choices, if you do likewise.

Cause I'd have a hell of a lot more fun, and hit a lot more paydirt.

LOTS more."

If you want smarmy without substance, I suggest you peruse TDW. Meanwhile, no one is impressed with infantile hyperbole.

Frankly, I hope Bayh goes this route. It'll be the end of a political career thats been nothing but style over substance. Indiana deserves better from both its D and R representatives on the Hill.

Sir Hailstone said...

"Indiana deserves better from both its D and R representatives on the Hill."

Especially that one D that has others voting for her.