Thursday, October 04, 2007

Dvorak Will Let Grand Jury Decide Roseland Case

St. Joseph Co. Prosecutor Mike Dvorak (D) has decided to put the evidence that Town Marshal Jack Tiller used excessive force in removing council member David Snyder from a council meeting last month to a grand jury. The South Bend Tribune's Marti Goodlad Heline writes:

"The investigation involves all parties involved in the incident,"

Dvorak said when asked if Tiller's conduct, as well as Snyder's, will be under scrutiny. "Doesn't Mr. Dvorak know Indiana law? He doesn't need a grand jury to bring charges against anyone," Snyder said by phone Wednesday."The videotape of the Sept. 14 incident is very clear about what happened and who was in the wrong," Snyder said in a prepared statement.

The fact the prosecutor referred the matter to a grand jury is, in Snyder's view, "further evidence of his political agenda" in matters involving the Snyders.

"From the video, I think Tiller should be fired," Snyder asserted in the phone interview. He was referring to the widely circulated footage of the incident posted on the Internet. The prosecutor will present evidence about the matter beginning Dec. 18 to six grand jurors whose job will be to evaluate the information and determine whether criminal charges should be brought against anyone, according to Dvorak.

The grand jury also may decide no charges are warranted, which is called a "no bill."

Whether or not the grand jury will view the Sept. 14 video of the encounter between Snyder and Tiller was not addressed by Dvorak, who said he limited his comments because of state laws regarding grand juries.Snyder was facing potential misdemeanor charges of resisting arrest and disorderly conduct after his arrest Sept. 14 when Snyder was ejected from a Town Council meeting.

As Snyder was leaving Town Hall, there was an encounter involving him and Tiller. Snyder said Tiller lunged at him from behind and pushed him hard so he went through the hall's outside door. Snyder said he struck his head and lost consciousness. When he came to, Snyder said he was lying in the parking lot with
Tiller on top of him hitting him.

Snyder underwent hospital treatment for a concussion, facial bruises and other injuries before he spent the night in jail.


Anonymous said...

Snyder needs to take a breath. I really don't care for his dead beat ass, but I also do not condone Tiller's blatant excessive use of force. With that said, prosecutions are always have a better chance of conviction with a grand jury inditment.

Snyder, you moron, this is a plus for you. I know you want him hauled off in cuffs like you where but try to see you are winning the fight.

Anonymous said...

You do know that Dvorak's wife is
his Child Support Enforcement administrator at about $ 75 K
a year, so that with both their salaries they haul in roughly
$ 185 K a year + his take home SUV?

Anonymous said...
Check out David Snyder's press release regarding the "grand jury investigation."