Thursday, November 13, 2014

GOP Reaction To Joe Hogsett's Announcement

Hogsett mayoral announcement (Matt Detrich/Star Photo)
Joe Hogsett (D) made official his Indianapolis mayoral bid with a campaign kick-off speech at the Landmark for Peace Memorial in Martin Luther King, Jr. Park before a couple hundred supporters with Evan Bayh at his side. Marion Co. GOP Chairman Kyle Walker released the following brief reaction to Joe Hogsett's announcement:
"Joe Hogsett has been rejected by voters three times and next year will be the fourth; either in May or November. Hogsett's unwillingness to support pre-k for low-income families is one of the many reasons he is wrong for Indianapolis."
Okay, so as a Republican the primary reason I should oppose Hogsett is because of his supposed lack of support for pre-K education for low-income families, something they've been offered for nearly 50 years under the federally-funded Head Start program? So that's your strategy to defeat Hogsett? Excuse me, but if people want to talk about education, then let them run for the school board.


C. Roger Csee said...

Concur. A mayoral race should have NOTHING to do with pre-school, kindergarten, or any other form of school.
There are other groups and parts of government that are charged with taking care of education.
It is NOT the job of the mayor, who has plenty of other responsibilities.

P.S. I think Hogsett thinks he is Bobby Kennedy.

Anonymous said...

How sad the Republicans are. They're actually running to the left of Democrats.

And how pathetic to use Hogsett's participation in the electoral process as an attack.

Under Republicans, it's apparently better to have unopposed elections than to give voters a choice.

Ballards Boy said...

oh well-the Republicans need a candidate soon who will lose. Kyle Walker/Ryan Vaughn (synonymously) corporate shills looking out for their own private interests. These idiots along with others have ruined our city.

Anonymous said...

Right on, Gary! WTF should "pre-K" have to do with the mayor's race???

Kyle Walker is a blithering moron and his wife, "Jen" Hallowell is another card-carrying political imbecile. Add Bryce into the mix and it's no wonder there are no honest grass roots who believe much of what comes out of the totally incompetent MCRCC.

They've lost so many elections yet talk about their "successes".


Anonymous said...

It's the Marion County Republican Party that will elect Howdy Doody Hogsett. Voters have notice that the Marion County Republican Party is the new Democrat Party.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:14- Agree with you completely. Just as John McCain and then Mitt Romney gave us Barak Obama, Kyle Walker, wife Jen Hallowell, and Bryce Carpenter are currently on track to give Indy a Democrat mayor. That troika is a proved failure and should be evicted from Ersal's building ASAP.

And the description "Howdy Doody Hogsett" is a completely perfect characterization of the guy. I am still ROTFLMAO on that one.

Anonymous said...

What a completely tacky, trailer-park mentality comment from a total incompetent who can't fill a County slate and who is rarely the victor in most every race he runs. Oh, wait a minute... we are talking Marion County GOP Chairman Kyle Walker. Walker calling Hogsett a "loser"... the pot calling the kettle....

Anonymous said...

You were wrong, Gary. Tully wrote a column about this bone-headed move by Walker instead of the Carmel council flap about castrating the mayor. It never mentions Kyle Walker by name. Precious.