Thursday, November 13, 2014

Valparaiso Law School Grads Arrested For Double Stabbing

Perfect couple: Friends and former coworkers are shocked by the news, reporting the young lawyers were motivated and 'on a good path'
Alecia and Andrew Schmuhl
Andrew and Alecia Schmuhl, both 2009 graduates of Valparaiso University Law School, have been charged in the stabbing of a prominent Virginia attorney and his wife this past Sunday evening.

According to the Daily Mail, the couple drove to the McLean, Virginia home of Leo Fisher, 61, the managing partner of Bean, Kinney and Korman in Arlington where Alecia had worked until recently as a corporate lawyer before being fired. When Fisher answered his door, Andrew began stabbing him. Fisher's wife, Susan, who is also a lawyer, heard the commotion and came to the door. Andrew allegedly began stabbing her as well.

Mrs. Fisher was able to set off an alarm, which caused the Schmuhls to flee in their car. Police later found the Schmuls in their car on I-95 where they were arrested on charges of abduction and malicious wounding in connection with the attack.

Emergency responders transported the Fishers to a hospital in Fairfax where they are in serious condition. Friends expressed shock at the Schmuhl's actions.

Alecia, 30, served on the board of a local homeless charity. Andrew, 31, who is currently unemployed, had worked as a medical recovery and claims judge advocate for the U.S. Army at Fort Belvoir. He also served as a non-commissioned Army officer at Fort Sheridan, Illinois.

UPDATE: This case gets even more bizarre. The Washington Post describes the crime scene much differently. According to a police report, Andrew Schmuhl placed Fisher in handcuff after tazing him. He similarly handcuffed his wife and put her in a bathroom. At one point, Schmuhl fired a shot at Fisher's wife but did not hit her. Schmuhl allegedly held the couple for hours in what is described as a "torture session" while his wife Alecia remained outside. Fisher's wife was able to trip an alarm, which caused Schmuhl to flee the house. The Post says Schmuhl was found wearing nothing but a diaper when the car his wife was driving was later stopped by police near Springfield, Virginia. An attorney for Alecia Schmuhl claims she was unaware of what her husband's intentions were when he entered the home.


Anonymous said...

wearing a black shirt with a black suit is fashion no-no, unless one
is auditioning for an acting job to play Uncle Fester.

Anonymous said...

Even better:
when he was arrested by the Virginia cops in his wife's car (away from the scene), he was wearing nothing but a pair of diapers.

Maybe he's getting ready for his insanity defense or this is something freudian.