Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Gannett Grabs One Of The Only Legitimate Investigate Reporters Left At The State House

I'm sure Tom LoBianco considers his move as a State House beat reporter for the AP to the Gannett-owned Indianapolis Star a career advancement, but I doubt the management folks at the Star had the same thing in mind when they hired him. Under Gannett's management, the Star's State House reporting efforts have been decimated to the delight of the politicians. As a reporter for the AP, LoBianco was doing the hardest hitting reporting at the State House, which made the politicians uneasy. When I see some  of the disinformation flacks reacting in a giddy-like fashion to LoBianco's move, I can only assume they are showing their delight in knowing that a reporter who has not been under their thumb has now been neutered. They sure as hell aren't hoping he continues doing the investigative reporting other State House reporters were neglecting to do. The agenda-driven Gannett buries many stories in order to protect the establishment it represents. I hope I'm proven wrong, but their past track record leaves little hope that I'm wrong.

Here's a tweet LoBianco's new colleague at the Star, John Russell, posted:

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