Tuesday, November 11, 2014

What Happened When Carmel's Clerk-Treasurer Grabbed The Wrong Document

Carmel council flowchart
Carmel Council President Eric Seidensticker included a humorous assessment of the consequences faced if someone doesn't do something to rein in Mayor Brainard's ceaseless desire to borrow and spend like a drunken sailor in a working document as a joke: "Shoot council, castrate mayor, put head between legs, kiss ass goodbye!." "What you have there is a humorous version that was not meant for distribution," Seidensticker explained to the Star's Chris Sikich. "It was meant to be humorous. So they grabbed the wrong one." Apparently Clerk-Treasurer Diana Cordray grabbed the wrong chart to include in a packet on city finances for distribution. Seidensticker had prepared the chart months ago without the salty comments to demonstrate the hoops through which the Redevelopment Commission will have to jump to pay all of its debts. Brainard accused Cordray of "using her time and resources to promote political campaigns." That's Star political columnist Matt Tully's cue to write another gratuitous column about all the good things Brainard is doing and complain about there being too many folks on the council who would rather engage in petty politics and obstructionism.


Sir Hailstone said...

Kinda difficult to castrate a bum steer!!

Anonymous said...

Carmel may have assurances from the guys who run Mitch and Pence that Carmel has a State backstop.

Indiana's looking for success stories and will pay anything to get them.

Indiana has been a backwater state for all of its history. If it's necessary for Carmel to overspend to give an example of how Indiana can look like the better suburbs of name cities, the big boys may tell Carmel to do it.

Anonymous said...

Do the castrator everybody!