Thursday, November 06, 2014

City Aborts Broad Ripple Boardwalk Plans

Neighborhood and environmental activists were taken aback when they recently learned of plans by the Ballard administration to build a boardwalk along the south bank of the White River in Broad Ripple. Call 6's Kara Kenney made inquiries about a permit the City of Indianapolis filed with the Department of Natural Resources and aired the concerns of neighborhood and environmental activists. The administration responded by abruptly pulling its application, supposedly due to funding.
“The DNR Division of Water received an email on Tuesday requesting termination of the permit application for the Broad Ripple Boardwalk project,” said Indiana Department of Natural Resources spokesperson Phil Bloom. “No reason given.”
Indianapolis Department of Public Works spokeswoman Stephanie Wilson told Kenney Thursday it comes down to money.
“We withdrew the application because we do not have the funds necessary to follow through with design and construction at this time,” said Wilson in an email to RTV6. “If and when the city is able to secure additional funds (through our infrastructure budget or partnerships), we may resubmit to DNR to explore and move forward with this project.”
Clark Kahlo wonders why the City wasted money hiring an engineer to draw up plans and file for the permit if the question came down to funding. The permit suggested funding would come from a combination of private donors and city funds. The Broad Ripple Village Association, which is often at odds with the views of area residents, told Kenney the business group supports the boardwalk plans because it expands greens space and provides another family-friendly space.


Guest said...

You would never realize there was a river (or lake section) through Broadripple it is so ignored but should be utilized and enjoyed. 99% cannot enjoy the river due to access. You can't even see it. I can't understand the no no no to everything people yet they sign up for pie in the sky programs of no value except to suck money from taxpayers. At least with ideas such as this you can have a nice visual which can be used and enjoyed. In spite of the complaints Mayor Ballard has changed Indpls for the better in spite of the council democrats. It is like night and day compared with Democrats rule during Bart Peterson whose idea of road improvement was a tar strip down the middle of Washington Blvd leaving the sides and sidewalks crumbling.

Anonymous said...

Many years ago I think between Weavers and the Park there was a Boat Ramp that led to the river. It was long ago and badly maintained. Correctly I do believe that a waterfront/boardwalk atmosphere would enhance the Broad Ripple Village area. Nice place for more Taverns because the drinking joints are about to run out of places to expand.