Monday, November 03, 2014

Ballard Holding Off On Making Public His Decision Not To Seek Re-Election--Until After His 10th Overseas Junket To Berlin

WTHR's Mary Milz badgered Mayor Greg Ballard today about when he planned to make public the decision we already know he's made not to seek re-election next year. "I'm most of the way there, yes," he said. In the next couple of week, you'll know." "The mayor indicated he would not make his plans public at least until after election day and possibly not until after he returns from a 10-day trip to Berlin, for which he leaves on Friday," Milz added.

Yes, that makes his tenth overseas junket in the past seven years for those keeping count. Add to that several recent out-of-state junkets he's taken in recent weeks, he's been spending more time out of town than running the City, not to say he's really the person in charge of running the City even when he is in town.

Milz observed that Ballard has $700,000 in his campaign fund right now, which is about half what he had at this same point in 2010 before he ran for re-election in 2011. She says political insiders tell her the mayor is not raising funds for re-election, and he has done little to refute her report back in September about him considering a job at Cathedral High School when his second term ends. Marion Co. GOP Chairman Kyle Walker told Milz he has no idea what Ballard intends to do. Walker said he wasn't "antsy" about Ballard making his decision because he has several potential candidates waiting in the wings.


Anonymous said...

That my high school alma mater may hire this petulant, thin-skinned, shallow, low intellect, failure of a mayor for any position associated with its educational mission is beyond reason. Cathedral High School should immediately wipe my name off their fundraiser mailing database; CHS will never see another penny from me. Just what our young minds need in their search to become high functioning adults- an anti-science, anti-critical thinking, anti-inclusive, jingoistic egomaniac who proved time and time again he’s been wrong in every decision he’s made for this City.

No surprise that this “accomplished” world traveler would wait until after the election to announce that he is going to deny Indianapolis voters the opportunity to depose him in a humiliating landslide. All the rats are being cleared from the decks as the sinking Marion County GOP barge under the Ballard banner continues its swift and sure beeline to the bottom.

Anonymous said...

So... it is Kyle Walker who "has several potential candidates waiting in the wings.."?!?

That statement tells you most everything you need to know.

1. Ballard is not going to run.
2. Walker admits to a fatal MCRCC flaw: "They" produce the candidates not the people through an honest primary system.

Counting upon Mr. Walker's consistent failure rate in almost every Marion County election as we look to the future is small relief that we'll probably not see another tool of the GOP mafia in City offices.

Just as McCain and Romney gave us Barak Obama, Ballard and Walker provide the way for Indy to be dominated by Democrats for who knows how long to come. And the Detroitization of Indy will grow unabated.

It's just that simple.

Anonymous said...

Who cares about a primary system? Dump the primaries. Let ballot access be free and open and without preference for either of the two stupid parties. Scratch party names from ballots, altogether. Let three Republican-minded folks run, if they wish.

Then, enact a single transferable vote system.

With fair elections for the first time in my life, we can finally have an election I might care about voting in.

I have no interest in participating in today's "Democrat-Republican Day" farce.