Thursday, November 13, 2014

INDOT Begrudgingly Reviewing Indiana Logo Sign

Call 6's Kara Kenney has an update on her earlier eye-popping report about a one-sided agreement the Indiana Department of Transportation entered into with Indiana Logo Sign more than a quarter century ago, which gives the company the exclusive right to sell those blue signs on the state's interstate highways pointing the way to particular businesses. According to Kenney, Indiana Logo Sign has netted about $63 million under its contract with INDOT compared to only $2.75 million earned by the state, which did not begin receiving any revenues until 2007.

Kenney uncovered an e-mail from INDOT Commissioner Karl Browning bemoaning the subject. "Gawd, I’m tired of this subject. :),” Browning wrote in an e-mail to INDOT's Jay Wasson and Ryan Gallagher. "I would like an independent assessment of our situation vis-à-vis the “blue signs,” Browning wrote. "Specifically, can we do better when all things are netted out.  Ideas?" Yes, INDOT could do much better according to Kenney's research, which found some states keep between 60 and 80 percent of the revenues generated under similar advertising deals with private businesses. As part of a rule change, INDOT tells Kenney it's renegotiating its agreement with Indiana Logo Sign.


Anonymous said...

Can we out and shame the parties, including attorneys, who executed the original agreement?

This would be a good job for your fraud examiner associate.

Anonymous said...

Kenney for governor. Mayor?