Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Son Of Herff Jones Executive Charged In Fatal Hit-And-Run

Alex Parrett
Alex Parrett
Avon police have charged a 19-year old Avon man, Charles Alex Parrett, with a fatal hit-and-run accident on U.S. Highway 36 that took the life of 36-year old Robert Blakenship. Parrett, who is the son of Herff Jones VP and CFO Michael Parrett, has been charged with two Class C felonies for fleeing the scene of an accident causing death and driving while under the influence of a controlled substance according to Fox59 News. When Parrett's vehicle struck Blankenship on February 5, he initially fled the scene and drove to a restaurant in Plainfield before later returning to the accident scene with his mother.

Avon Police detective Brian Nugent told reporters that it was not necessary to arrest Parrett at the time because he acknowledged being the driver of the SUV that struck Blankenship and submitted to a blood draw. Blankenship was walking in the turning lane when Parrett's car struck him, presumably because the roadside was snow-covered. Toxicology results later indicated the presence of marijuana in his blood. Nugent said that police wanted to await the toxicology results before charging Parrett, who was not viewed as a flight risk by police. He was attending classes at Wabash College where he is a freshman and wide receiver for the football team when he learned of the charges. Parrett was taken into custody at the Hendricks County jail and later bailed out after posting a $25,000 bond.


Downtown Indy said...

"Marijuana never killed anybody" -- they like to say.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a bad case of Affluenza, I'm sure the judge will be very lenient, wouldn't want a pretty white boy locked up.