Saturday, April 05, 2014

American Passenger's Girlfriend Provides Jaw-Dropping Interview On Missing Malaysian Flight

Philip Wood is the American passenger originally from Dallas, Texas on Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 when it went missing weeks ago during a flight from Kuala Limpur to Beojing. Wood, a long-time executive IBM, had recently moved to Malaysia after working in IBM's Beijing office. In this interview with CNN, Sarah Bajc, the girlfriend of Wood who has attended briefings provided to family members in Kuala Limpur by Malaysian officials, speaks very matter-of-factly of her's and other family members belief that the missing Boeing 777 aircraft is intact and was flown to a secure location by military officials, perhaps even the U.S. military. She claims one person attending the briefings claimed knowledge that Flight MH370 had been escorted by military aircraft through Malaysian airspace. Bajc's account clearly deviates from the misinformation mainstream media outlets like CNN have provided to the public to date and must have been an unscripted moment.

As I previously reported, every commercial Boeing aircraft has installed on it the Boeing Uninterruptible Autopilot System that makes hijacking of Boeing airplanes virtually impossible, which the media have carefully avoided questioning officials and experts about. Bajc seems to be hinting at such anomalies in the official accounts provided concerning the plane's disappearance. On board Flight MH370 were 20 programmers who worked for Austin-based Freescale Semiconductor, a defense contractor whose principal shareholders include The Carlyle Group and Blackstone Group. Freescale reportedly has a patent pending on technology that can make a non-stealth aircraft capable of evading radar detection. Official accounts repeatedly mislead the public on the last known contact with the plane until someone at Rolls Royce, which manufactures the engines for Boeing 777, leaked the fact that the engine maker had continued to receive data from the plane's engines more than five hours after officials claimed it had simply disappeared, proving that the plane had continued in flight at least that many extra hours, which forced officials to expand the search area. Eventually, officials acknowledged additional data that showed a flight path that indicated the plane had reversed course, flying back over Malaysian airspace and into the south Indian Ocean. Alternative media sources have speculated that the U.S. military's naval base at Diego Garcia in the southern India Ocean as one potential location the plane may have been safely flown and landed.


Anonymous said...

We come to your site for credible insight and reporting on local news and politics, which you do very well. Then you drop in a crazy conspiracy story like this one and we wonder about your sanity.

Gary R. Welsh said...

I could care less what you think about me or whether you read my blog. I'm not one of the sheeple who believes the propaganda fed to us by the government and the mainstream media. If that makes me insane, that's a badge of honor I will gladly wear. The public has repeatedly been told lies about every major aspect of this plane's disappearance. The narrative provided to us keeps shifting with the sand beneath their phony accounts. The inability of people like yourself to question authority and engage in critical thinking is exactly what those in positions of power expect of you. You're probably one of the idiots who still believes Sadam's WMD are still hidden somewhere just waiting to be found.

Pete Boggs said...

Narrative is right. Mr. Welsh makes a point about WMD's, once in Iraq then taken on a road to Damascus, if satellite photos are any indication. The US government knows the Iraqis had WMD's because they've got the receipts.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the space station has the facts and we are now erasing those with Russian protest...Or vice versa. Ponder it all. Great reporting...

Anonymous said...

My heart goes out to the families of the crew and passengers.

Actually, aircraft can have different things installed in them as some of the super advanced equipment is very expensive and some opt to remove it or not install it at all.

Sadly, Malaysian airlines bungled this investigation badly. They waited way too long before they asked the US to assist and now they look foolish.

I can't imagine how the families feel. Understandably they want proof, and so would I.

I truly believe this plane is at the bottom of the ocean. The trashing of the pilots backgrounds were outrageous and that the aircraft was flown somewhere is just not plausible. If Rolls Royce has the data they say then they should step up and publish it to protect their interest.

I hope they can get answers for these families.

Anonymous said...

8:35, you have precisely no facts, just blind faith in media reports, and a deep desire to believe a leviathan is cradling you, and you dare call someone else crazy?

You're a fool and a coward who is incapable of thinking for himself.

If you can muster the intellect, find a way to disprove that 777s cannot be hijacked, and disprove that Rolls Royce was receiving updates from the engines, five hours beyond the moment when the plane was supposedly lost.

Government shills like you are very stupid people.

Anonymous said...

Even if the plane or the black box is found at the bottom of the ocean, that doesn't mean the plane or its equipment took a direct path to its final resting place.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:35, If the appropriate authorities would tell us the truth, people would not have to attempt to connect the dots and fill in gaps. I am sure many in power would rather let people make educated guesses and call concerned citizens conspiracists to telling them the truth. There are local "pay to play" folks in Indiana who will never admit what they do but are glad to question people's credibility because they want to keep their wallets fat with the media covering for them. Whether you agree with Gary or not, he puts his neck out to raise issues and invite constructive feedback on why he may be right or wrong. Governments and corporations do a lot of bad things to further their interests…some of which we do not hear about until 50-75 years later if we ever do. I do not believe it furthers the public debate to question a person's sanity. Just tell him "why" you think he is wrong.

Anonymous said...

I think I know what happened,and I'm surprised my hunch hasn't been mentioned by anyone prior. No one has been willing to broach the subject.

There's no wreckage because the plane never crashed. Those responsible used the public's instinct to use logic to make sense of the incident actually was a ruse. Or the ruse. Meaning,the use of logic by the public helped facilitate and provide a ruse for those responsible.

The plane wasn't stolen to be used by terrorists. There's much easier and less conspicuous methods of acquiring an aircraft. Hell,there are plenty of unscrupulous aircraft brokers amongst the world. Moreover,It's obvious the aircraft didn't land at a public airport. We know the aircraft was programmed by one of the pilots for its diversion from its original flight plan. That's fact.

I also don't believe the 20 employees from the defense contractor were the reason for the change in flight plan. The pilot or pilots wouldn't have known who the passengers were going to be on board before hand. This thing has a pre-scripted plan all over it.

We know there was 7 hours of fuel left on the aircraft. Did you know if the pilots had depressurized the aircraft,they would have a certain amount of time as well to keep their cargo (passengers) in the needed condition for the intended purpose that I proffer?

Since this incident,I started reading about the blackmarket organ trafficking in that part of the world. With the number of passengers on board---I'm assuming most were affluent and well to do-- that plane was worth more for the organs of its passengers than if it had been brimming and filled with cocaine and heroin. I was also surprised to find out how long certain body parts and organs can be sustained until transplant. That plane had 7 hours of fuel. The most critical of organs can only withstand a dead host for 11 hours. So,obviously,that's the time frame for the length of distance traveled. There's no crash debris because there was no crash.

I believe one or both of the pilots made a deal to hijack their own aircraft in the hopes of a big payday for their efforts. Unfortunately,I believe they were double crossed and perhaps fell victim to/by their own nefarious plot.

This explains why certain governments are being coy. I'm sure the airline has friends in its governing country that doesn't want the airline to be sued. Plus,if my hunch is correct,that means some very important and most likely very wealthy and very connected people needed/wanted those organs very badly.

History has shown us there are some people whom are never held accountable. I believe this will be one those moments. The plane will never be found. We're to believe it just disappeared.

I think I'm right.

And the fact that no one has even pondered this possible,well,the silence is deafening.

It makes perfect sense.

Anonymous said...

One more thing.

The empirical evidence shows us that generals,presidents and corporate execs have all taken an active participation within the drug trade. Why not organ trafficking as well?