Thursday, April 10, 2014

Confirmed: Jimmy "The Pill Popper" Irsay's Drug Addict Friend Died Of An Overdose

This shouldn't come as a surprise, but the Marion County Coroner's office has ruled that the death of Jimmy "The Pill Popper" Irsay's friend in early March just two weeks before his own drug arrest was caused by an accidental drug overdose. The 42-year old woman, Kimberly Wundrum, was living in one of three homes Irsay's Blue Trust purchased for her over the past several years when she was found dead on March 2. Blue Trust is managed by the publicly-subsidized Colts organization.

Meanwhile, the Hamilton County Prosecutor's Office has still not filed formal charges against Irsay after his arrest by Carmel police on March 16 after he was pulled over by police for driving his vehicle erratically. Irsay failed several field sobriety tests, and police found in his possession multiple pills identified by police as controlled substances and $29,000 in cash. Police arrested him for driving while intoxicated and possession of controlled substances.

Local law enforcement officials refused to prosecute Irsay for drug crimes he committed more than a decade ago after an earlier bout with drug addiction that resulted in his hospitalization on at least three occasions for drug overdoses. Indianapolis taxpayers have contributed more than $1 billion to support Irsay's Colts organization and by extension his drug addiction, but the City will have no money to pay for basic city services in next year's budget unless you agree to fork over additional money by agreeing to pay higher taxes. But yes, it has $160 million to give to our other billionaire sports team owner, Herb Simon, over the next ten years. No other city in all of America has its priorities as screwed up or is as corrupt as the City of Indianapolis.


Anonymous said...

What a dick. It sucks looking at a woman who's dead for no good reason.

With all his money, he couldn't find a way to get her off drugs?

Was she just his party girl, so he had no desire to pull her back from that lifestyle?

Where did she get enough cash to get enough drugs to OD herself?

Anonymous said...

For someone who seemed like an important asset to the Blue Trust,enough to be given a series of expensive hermitages and the seemingly jumping of hoops by the Blue Trust to acquire those hermitages,no one from the Colts organization even signed the woman's guest book in regards to her obit--except for one bartender.

Anonymous said...

...Birds of a feather flock together!

(and I heard that rich people have associates pay for the housing of their floozies)

Guest said...

Has he mentioned who his supplier is? That might make for some interesting arrests.