Monday, April 21, 2014

Animal Care & Control Director Resigns

The latest controversial director of Indianapolis' Animal Care & Control has resigned. Retired IMPD officer Spencer Moore, who along with his police officer wife, has become the face of the push for raising taxes to support public safety following the shooting death of his son, Officer David Moore, has been appointed as the interim director.

Dan Shackle, an attorney, was first appointed to the position in September, 2012 after the last director, Amber Myers, ran off to Spokane, Washington with her former boss, former Public Safety Director Frank Straub, who she later married. Myers' affair with her Straub began while the two were still employed by the city.

Public Safety Director Troy Riggs did not comment on Shackle's decision to resign other than to say he had "done a good job." Shackle was suspended in January after it was learned that he tipped off local animal shelters of a planned, multi-agency sweep. He was again suspended last month for an "internal personnel issue." According to news reports, Shackle plans to return to the practice of law.


local businessman said...

Funny. I can remember my great grandmother sarcastically remarking that a local attorney “wasn’t fit to be dogcatcher.” I guess things haven’t changed much around these parts. What do you call 50 Indianapolis lawyers drowned at the bottom of a retention pond? A good start.

Anonymous said...

Guess all the lawyer comments come out Gary - sorry.

Doesn't it make good lawyers (and I know there are some!) feel dirty to hear these actions?

Gary R. Welsh said...

The negative attacks on lawyers doesn't bother me in the least bit. From firsthand experience, I believe only attorneys who lie, cheat and steal for the most part succeed in the profession. Attorneys can complain all they want about how low they are regarded by many people, but far too many of them have earned their reputation.

Pointman said...

First, I've adopted one animal from IAC&C and the people there were excellent to deal with. As an animal lover and especially a pitty lover I couldn't do the job they do it'd tear me up - something Spencer Moore himself has also pointed out.

When I saw the first story about Shackle tipping off partners the first thing that came to my mind is "gotcha" inspections aren't how you treat partners in the first place so my opinion of this "misdeed" is that it wasn't.

I wish Shackle well and hope Spencer Moore has say in selecting his replacement.