Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Another Senseless Murder Sparks Major IMPD Response To West Side Neighborhood

Nathan Trapuzzano, 24, Indianapolis, was found in the 3500 block of West 16th Street near a tire shop with a gunshot wound to his abdomen, Tuesday, April 1, 2014.
Nathan Trappuzano

A 24-year old computer programmer, Nathan Trapuzzano, became the 41st homicide victim in Indianapolis this year. Nathan and his wife, Jennifer, were married just last May and were expecting the birth of their first son in a matter of weeks. Trapuzzano was out for an early morning walk close to 6:00 a.m. this morning in the 3500 block of West 16th Street when two hoodlums confronted him at gunpoint and shot him in the parking lot of Tron Tire Shop. Trapuzzano died during surgery after being transported to Eskenazi Hospital.

The Indianapolis Star has uploaded  surveillance video footage of the deadly encounter on its website that IMPD obtained from the business' owner who didn't personally know Trappuzano but had become familiar with him because of his daily walking routine. "He is an everyday walker. We usually saw him at closing time about 7, when we were pulling tires in," Adrian Ordaz said. "Rain, snow, cold, hot — he would be walking. "We didn't really ever set down and talk to him," he said, "But you see him every day. It's kind of like seeing your neighbor, you know."

Trapuzzano was one of 7 people shot over the past two days, four of whom died from their injuries, including a triple homicide at an apartment complex near 21st and Post Road. Trapuzzano's shooting prompted IMPD to deploy a large contingency of police to the neighborhood not far from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in hopes of developing leads on the two suspects wanted in connection with the shooting. I found this touching video of the victim's wedding day on YouTube.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this...Ponder it all..

Anonymous said...

Condolensces to his grieving family.

Anonymous said...

Cops don't care. Nothing will get them out of their cars and back walking beats.

The patrolman is long gone. The cops don't want shoe leather, watchman's clocks, call boxes and whistles.

Their cars are full of military gear and communication devices that are the envy of every military in the world. Despite all the tactical gear fit for house-to-house combat, the only time a cop draws a gun is for his own benefit in the excessive confrontations the belligerent cop creates or because the cop is afraid of everyone and everything.

Police do not reduce crime. Cops are just an expensive shakedown we pay for no benefit. Given that most people have been victimized far more by police than criminals, most people would find it cheaper simply to pay cops their outrageous salaries, benefits and taxpayer gasoline and ask them to remain in the station, all day.

We're on our own. Buy a gun.

Anonymous said...

God bless Jennifer and her baby.
God help the murderers.

Pete Boggs said...

Firstly, thank you for this post of insight, it's heartbreaking.

Secondly, Anon 8:50, you're right about citizens protecting themselves; but police do care- too bad you didn't hear the conversation that took place on our front porch yesterday, with a friend who's a cop. They've got families & community safety concerns of their own. They get it; but battle a court system that boasts convictions (often meaningless) while releasing danger into our streets due to "over crowding" issues.

Police can deter but not necessarily reduce crime, that which is related to stability of family; mostly threatened by government's unconstitutional social experiments, intrusion upon & violation of, sovereignty.

Unknown said...


This is a link to support Jennifer and their soon to be baby.

Anonymous said...

The senseless murder is terrible, and a reflection of a lack of emphasis on Public Safety by The Mayor.

We have more murders per capita than Chicago, and Chicago media is laughing at us for it.