Monday, April 14, 2014

More Teen Gun Violence Will Support Meme For Public Safety Tax Increase

Last month, Simeon Adams and an uncharged teen-age accomplice who should not have even been on the streets of Indianapolis because of the repeated criminal acts they had committed, including gun-related violations, were able to break into a gun store on Crawfordsville Road and make off with dozens of guns worth at least $13,000 that have made their way into the hands of other juveniles. We witnessed another shooting last night between juveniles at the corner of 40th Street and Boulevard Place that left one 17-year old shot. WTHR reports that at least 20 shots were fired in the gunfire exchange between a group of juveniles.

Who will pay because our corrupt leaders deliberately allowed Indianapolis streets to be flooded with stolen firearms? You will. That's right. City-County Council President Maggie Lewis told Fox59 News' Russ McQuaid that she has already started conversations with Mayor Greg Ballard in which she told him that Democrats on the council will support a public safety tax increase to hire more police officers as the cure for all of the recent gun-related violence. The violence has absolutely nothing to do with your failure to pay enough taxes. You were hit with a 65% increase in your income taxes to support public safety in 2007, and our corrupt politicians chose to divert more than a half billion dollars over the past several years to slush funds to pass out to their political cronies for their real estate development projects instead of public safety. Billionaire Herb Simon is on tap to collect another $160 million for his Indiana Pacers after the more than $40 million haul with which he's made off over the past four years.

Lest we forget that Mayor Ballard has argued every year that he has been in office as mayor that Indianapolis' crime rate is down, even though he used none of the money from the 2007 public safety tax increase to hire a single additional police officer. You have fewer police officers today than you had after he took office despite the $90 million a year more you paid in higher taxes to support public safety. So if Mayor Ballard contends that crime has been down to historically low levels since he's been mayor, how can hiring more police officers be the solution to the current round of gun-related violence on the streets? It's clearly not the solution for anyone whose eyes are not wide shut.

Like I said, this is all being staged to convince the public it has to act by raising taxes when the corrupt politicians have no intention of doing anything with that money other than replenishing the slush funds they utilize to reward their cronies for stuffing money in their pockets. Those guns were deliberately, if not negligently, allowed to be put into the hands of known street thugs so they could go on a spectacular crime spree to shock the public's conscience. Nobody is going to convince me that someone hasn't been tracking those guns since that gun store robbery last month. Just call it Indianapolis' own twisted version of Operation Fast & Furious. Police announced as soon as Adams was arrested for killing Nathan Trapuzzano that they believed he had committed the gun store robbery as well as the shooting of another man that occurred two days before Trapuzzano's shooting. What else did they know about? As long as it results in getting the tax increase they want, that's all that matters. You would think that there would be at least one leader in the African-American community who would call them out since most of the victims are their own children but apparently not.

UPDATE: Another guy was shot over the weekend near the intersection of East 36th Street and Oxford while walking home from a basketball court. The shots were fired from a passing car. The victim told police he didn't recognize the shooter, but it could have been someone he beat earlier in a game of basketball who was upset about losing. The Star doesn't identify the age of the victim. A high school student at Ben Davis High School was arrested today for bringing a loaded handgun to school. IMPD assisted school police in apprehending the youth.

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Flogger said...

Maggie Lewis is between a Rock and Hard Place, but it is of her own making. The Democrats should have been kicking back in Ballard's face about where did the money go from the 2007 public safety tax increase. However, as a Party the Democrats in Marion County have no reason for existence in Marion County, at least any reason that serves the public good.

Simeon Adams is a strange case. Did Adams on a whim select the firearm store he and his partner broke into?? Was there a third person a driver on look out? This would seem to me to be well thought out and planned break-in. Yet, Adams back ground and actions before and after killing Nathan Trapuzzano were not that of a person with the discipline and planning skills to break into the firearm store and make a clean get away.

IMHO opinion the Police had arrested Adams before but the Judicial and Prosecutors Office failed to act.