Thursday, April 10, 2014

16-Year Old Killer All Smiles On The Way To First Court Appearance

Simeon Adams (WISH-TV Photo)
Simeon Adams, the 16-year old accused of gunning down Nathan Trapuzzano on April 1 to steal the shirt off of his back, is all smiles on his way to his first appearance in an adult court today as reporters shouted questions to him about the shooting. "As 16-year-old Simeon Adams headed into court Thursday for his initial court appearance, he was seen smiling and laughing," WISH-TV reports. Adams is also accused of shooting Erick Douglas two days before Trapuzzano's shooting. Police believe Adams also broke into a gun store on Crawfordsville Road last month where he and an accomplice made away with dozens of guns valued at $13,000. That's just a fraction of the long list of crimes police say Adams committed over the past year alone.

UPDATE: I've been wondering why Adams' accomplice has not been arrested. WTHR reports that Marion Co. Prosecutor Terry Curry has made a decision not to prosecute Martez "Duh Duh" McGraw on felony murder charges for his role in assisting in the strong armed robbery that resulted in the killing of Nathan Trapuzzano. Criminal defense attorney Jack Crawford tells WTHR that the prosecutor's office has likely made a determination that they need McGraw's assistance to prosecute Adams.
Alhough police initially identified a second suspect in surveillance video from the murder scene on West 16th Street, only Adams faces charges. Prosecutors know who the second person is - another 16-year-old. They've declined to file charges against him. 
"They want to use him at the trial of Mr. Adams," said criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor Jack Crawford. He says even though the second teen was feet away when the murder took place, prosecutors likely have decided to use him as a key witness rather than charge him with a crime. 
"Clearly he knows who he's talking about. He was nine feet away. If he's telling the truth; if he's telling the truth, mind you,then he's a very important witness for the state," said Crawford.
That 16-year-old faces felony gun and resisting law enforcement charges stemming from a separate incident in February. 
It only raises my suspicions more that McGraw may have been an informant for IMPD all along while Adams has been turned loose on the streets to terrorize Indianapolis neighborhoods at will. Who was the accomplice who aided Adams in the $13 million gun store robbery that police suspect that he committed last month? According to WTHR, McGraw was already facing felony gun charges and resisting law enforcement stemming from an incident way back in February. So he was released to roam the streets with Adams, who has been in and out of police custody multiple times for charges that included at least two arrests for unlawful gun possession over the past nine months? You would have to be a fool not to suspect something is amiss here. If anyone has more information on the role McGraw was playing for IMPD and when that role began, please share it. This must be exposed. A life may have been lost because of the crazy games our local law enforcement is playing with serious criminal justice matters.


Anonymous said...

Mental case who embodies pure evil.
He'll probably threaten to kill his PD within a few weeks.

Flogger said...

Years ago when I lived in the Chicago area, the Police put two and two together. Street Gangs were recruiting young teenagers to commit crimes, knowing the young teens would be in the Juvenile System.

The theft of the firearms seems to be a well thought out plan. I do not have the impression Adams is some Master Criminal who could have put together the theft of the firearms by himself. How exactly did they gain access to the Store??

You have to wonder how many others like Adams are walking around??

Anonymous said...

this individual should never see the light of day ever again!

Anonymous said...

Why is this punk smiling? The answer is very simple. He took down a white man. You see, in the black community and black prison culture this punk has achieved superstar status. Don't believe me? Then it's likely you don't leave in the right part of Indy or even worse you're clueless out in the 'burbs.
This punk achieved something that rappers can only rap about. Talking about popping Whitey is one thing when a nigga' raps about it but takes on a whole new dimension when 16 year old punk goes out and does the deal.
Make no mistake about it, this punk won't be sitting at the bottom of the black prison heirarchy, he be sitting right on top of it!
Now on the other hand if he'd popped a 'bro and killed him then things might not have looked so good for him in prison.
Look, this punk's been fed a steady diet of hip-hop rap shit since before he could walk. When he could walk he learned to pull his pants down below his black ass and hate everything white, except maybe BBW girls. By age 13 this punk nigga' could load a clip in an AK while Whitey was still fumbling with a damn BB gun.

It's a cultural thing people and this culture permeates the black community and prisons not just in Indianapolis but all over the world damn near now. Been to London, England lately? Same shit there. How about Prague? Same shit there. Hell, go to Booneville, Indiana and hear the same shit. The kicker is that it's not just the "music" it's the thug lifestyle. If a punk can't drink it, shoot it, fuck or smoke it then it ain't worth it.

This punks smiling all the way to his own version of immortality in the black community. The sorry ass thing about it is that before it gets worse it's gonna get a whole lot worse. Right now Indianapolis is just catching up with the American cultural norm now and it ain't going back any time soon. It can't be fixed now.

Anonymous said...

That disgusting punk should never see the light of day again!

Paul K. Ogden said...

Is he death penalty eligible since he's only 16? Cases like this is why I continue to support the death penalty. My belief though is that the death penalty should be carried out the way the victim was killed.

Anonymous said...

Gary, thanks for letting the 11:27 comment run. It looks harsh, but people need to understand what reality is.

11:27, it could be fixed. If the Governor permanently calls up the unorganized militia (you and me) with orders to clean the streets, no questions asked, miscreants wanted dead or alive, the streets will get cleared, and Indy will become a nice place, again.

Indiana can also practice banishment, as does Georgia.

Banish every problem to a sacrificial and remote county in Indiana, and we can keep a closer eye on our problems.

Anonymous said...

This punk should get the death penalty. Period. Paul, I agree with you - you get what you gave!

I suspect Terry Curry will say that is going to cost too much to try as a death penalty case and "they" will just make sure he stays locked up.

You'll forgive me if I have my doubts about the criminal justice system.

Anonymous said...

Where's Woody Harrelson's character in True Detective to walk up to this kid and cap him and save us the cost of a trial and incarceration?

Anonymous said...

This story reminds me of years ago of the incarcerated in Boone County that formed an allaeance/gang while in tapes...and killed a guys ex-wife and fiance and the ex had prior convictions....Who knew what when and supported what with them...And were found days later...for killings and stalking another...but the another has not been served the justice...Ponder all that get involved in matters of justice...

Anonymous said...

Notice the thumbs up from bud on the left...So sick...

Anonymous said...

Hammer down symbol from guy on left or right viewing video...Good insight...