Saturday, April 26, 2014

Deputy Arrested Day After Firing: A Lesson Learned?

Questions were raised about the actions of IMPD and the Marion Co. Prosecutor's Office following the recent murder-suicide involving two IMPD officers. Yesterday, the Star reported that a Marion Co. Sheriff's deputy, Kevin McGaha, who had been on the job barely a year, had been fired following an internal affairs investigation. IMPD arrested McGaha a day after his arrest on preliminary charges of battery, criminal trespass and harassment, as well as outstanding charges from another county according to the report.

In the case of slain Officer Kim Carmack, an internal investigation by IMPD had concluded weeks earlier that her ex-husband, Sgt. Ryan Anders, had committed multiple crimes, including felony stalking, criminal confinement and burglary. Even after Carmack obtained a protective order against Anders in which she described in detail her allegations against him that extended over a long period of time and stated that she feared for her life, IMPD had neither fired Anders nor arrested him. Following the murder-suicide, finger-pointing between IMPD and the Marion Co. Prosecutor's Office ensued over who had dropped the ball.

Speaking of McGaha's firing, how many Marion County sheriff's deputies does that make that Sheriff John Layton has fired in the last year or so for misconduct or committing criminal acts? I've not been keeping count, but it must be close to at least ten.

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Follow up question: How many Marion County "deputies" are certified by the Indiana Law Enforcement Training Board?