Monday, April 14, 2014

Delaware County Prosecutor Files 47-Count Indictment Against County's Treasurer

Accused Of Stealing $80
Delaware Co. Prosecutor Jeffrey Arnold has filed a 47-count indictment against Delaware County Treasurer John Dorer, a Democrat, charging him with theft, conversion, official misconduct and failing to properly deposit public funds. According to Fox59 News, 46 of the 47 charges against Dorer are felonies. The Indiana State Board of Accounts' audits of Dorer's office have turned up numerous discrepancies in recent years. According to the Pharos-Tribune, the theft charge involves a paltry sum of $80 he allegedly took in cash from the office. I double-checked. That's not a typo. Fox59 News reports that the State Board of Accounts also asked Arnold, a Republican prosecutor, to file a civil suit aimed at seeking Dorer's removal from office, which has also occurred. Photo at left shows Dorer with former Indiana State Democratic Party Chairman Ann DeLaney. Whatever Dorer did or didn't do, I can't believe it comes close to matching the large theft of public funds being committed by numerous other public officials in plain sight around this state in exchange for political contributions and other favors.


Anonymous said...

Time for elections? Painting pictures of Dem's with a honest and notable histories of good opposed to Indy, Marian, and more...The heat is on...Stand up voters....Don't believe everything in main media...It's coming..

Anonymous said...

...and we learn of another case of Democrat corruption.

Where is the DOJ Public Integrity Section? -Indianapolis has a Regional Operations Center multi-million dollar mess, with all indications leading to top local officials. (Including their refusal to provide public documents).

-and while they're at it: Where did the NFL money paid to the city go? Was it misappropriated? Was federal money for Urban Areas Security Initiative (UASI) grants, Federal Homeland Security Grants also misappropriated...or worse???

DOJ needs to send its Public Integrity Section to Indy for a long investigation.

Unknown said...

It is not about $80 and you know it. There are hundreds of thousands in funds that were not properly accounted for or deposited. Thus the 47 counts. And if it was just $80, doesn't that say enough about his character to have him removed from office?