Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Lugar Wallops Mourdock In Downtown Indy Precinct

I just picked up the primary results for Precinct 11-005, which is the downtown Lockerbie precinct where Richard Mourdock's condominium is located. Lugar captured 75% of the vote, a hopeful sign of what Lugar has to do in the urban areas in order to overcome the large advantage Mourdock is viewed as having in Indiana's rural counties.

Lugar received 130 votes to Mourdock's 42 votes. The precinct saw about a 25% turnout, which is down considerably from the turnout four years ago. The percentage who voted in the Republican primary, however, was up as some Democrats chose to cross over to help out Lugar. Nearly 100 more voters took a Republican ballot than took a Democratic ballot, 173-79. The precinct is normally more evenly split between Republicans and Democrats.

In the Republican presidential race, Mitt Romney captured 53% of the vote. Ron Paul trailed with 22% of the vote.

In the crowded 7th District congressional primary race, Carlos May easily outdistanced his six other opponents with 32% of the vote.

The vote in the 12-person judicial race on the Republican side was close. Amy Jones was the top vote-getter with 62 votes. Unslated candidate Judge Carol Orbison outdistanced two of the slated candidates with 49 votes. Clayton Graham received the lowest number of votes among the slated candidates with 42 votes just 7 votes more than 35 votes unslated candidate Paul Ogden received. Clark Rogers received 48 votes.

On the Democratic side, there was a very tight race between the slated candidate for House District 100. Slated candidate Dan Forestal received just one more vote than unslated Zach Mulholland, carrying the precinct 38-37 votes.

The 10 slated Democratic judicial candidates easily outdistanced unslated candidates Greg Bowes and Mark King.

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