Sunday, May 20, 2012

Public Teacher's Ignorance On Display: Tells Students Obama Can't Be Criticized Because He's President

Tanya Dixon-Neely is obviously not only ignorant of the First Amendment but obviously thinks it's her job as a high school social studies teacher to bully students into liking Obama as well whether they like the man or not. Dixon-Neely, a public teacher at North Carolina's Rowan-Salisbury school district, as part of her social studies instruction, decided to discuss with her students a Washington Post report that Mitt Romney supposedly bullied a boy while he was in high school. An observant student brought up the fact that Obama had bullied a girl in high school. Obama said so in his own words in his auto biography, "Dreams From My Father," by the way. Dixon-Neely went ballistic and told the student he could not disrespect President Obama. She even told him it was a criminal offense to do so. When the student said he was merely asking a question, the teacher insisted he was disrespecting the president. The student couldn't understand why it was okay to criticize Romney but not Obama. "Because he's the President," Dixon-Neely shouted. The student said the two men were equal, but not according to the teaching of Dixon-Neely. The student said people trashed Bush all the time when he was President. She claimed people were arrested for saying derogatory things about Bush, which is a patent lie. The student said, "Everybody talked shit about Bush." Dixon-Neely responded, "Because he was shitty." Unfortunately for her, the student recorded the entire exchange on his cell phone and posted it on YouTube. I don't recall ever having as a teacher someone as ignorant as this woman. There is absolutely no hope for students learning anything in our public schools when people as ignorant as Dixon-Nelly are given a license to teach. The student apparently decided to record the discussion to prove to his parents that his teacher was pushing a liberal agenda down their throats in the classroom. Hat tip to Breitbart.

UPDATE: The local newspaper, Salisbury Post, has a story on the incident here. A man by the name of Timothy Rogers, who claims to be the father of the boy heard debating Dixon-Neely in the recording, posted a Facebook comment in which he says that he has removed his son from the school after he complains that his son's "conservative political views" have been attacked daily by the teacher and other students since the beginning of the conversation. Here's what he wrote:
I'm the father of this student. My son and two other students in this class have been attacked daily from this teacher, and the rest of the class, for their conservative political views since the beginning of this semester. I told him to stay out of the political conversations, but she said that if he didn't participate he would receive a bad grade. This teacher is politically ignorant! I teach my sons to respect other peoples political opinion, but she has no right shoving her opinions down his throat! Since this day I have had to remove him from North Rowan High School and am going to enroll him at RCCC to finish his education. I am outraged that she can conduct herself in such an unprofessional manner and receive no disciplinary action. THIS IS NOT OVER! I will attempt to contact Rush Limbaugh this week.
UPDATE II: It looks like the school district has acted in suspending the teacher. See the story here.


Shermlock Shomes said...

Watch the school system punish the messenger in 3 . . . 2 . . . 1.

M Theory said...

There is hope, Gary.

These students are obviously capable of learning on their own and have far surpassed this teacher in communication skills, logical thinking, intellectual honesty, and courage to speak the truth.