Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Lugar And Mourdock Make Their Last Pitch To Voters

It's election day, and the bloodiest Republican primary race that I've ever witnessed is finally coming to a close. Incumbent Sen. Richard Lugar and his opponent Richard Mourdock both sent one final e-mail message to voters seeking their support today. Here's their final pitch.

Lugar's message:

It's Primary Election Day and polling sites are opening for the next 12 hours!

I ask for your vote today and urge you and family members to go to the polls for our cause.

Your vote is important because this race is very close and each vote counts.
  Nearly every Indiana political reporter believes that this race will come down to the wire.  We need your support today to ensure victory.

Your vote is important because these are serious times. It is critical that Republicans effectively work to reel in spending and cut bureaucratic red tape.  I always have led by offering real-world, serious solutions, and I have a track record of success. From pushing the Keystone XL pipeline, to writing a farm bill that saves $40 billion, to destroying weapons of mass destruction that threaten national security, to passing a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution, my priorities are what will improve the lives of Hoosiers and our communities.

Your vote is important to ensure that Republicans maintain control of this Senate seat.  Independent polls show that I would beat the Democratic challenger, Joe Donnelly, by more than 20 points. Independent polls also show that my Republican opponent, Richard Mourdock, would not. Losing our Indiana Senate seat to the Democrats is not a risk that Republicans can take.

Your vote is important as I will work to represent you, not Washington, D.C. special interest groups.
  My opponent has embraced special interest money from Washington, D.C. and pledged his loyalty to these groups.  It is vital that Hoosiers respond to their tactics by taking back the Republican primary.

I am asking all Hoosiers who are interested in these problems and want real solutions to vote for me today.


Richard G. Lugar
U.S. Senator for Indiana

Mourdock's message:

Abraham Lincoln once said, "You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today." We have the opportunity in today’s Primary Election to get our government back on the path of fiscal responsibility and away from the reckless policies of the Obama Administration.

However, I cannot do this alone. The challenge in our path is today's Primary Election where we have the chance to send a message to the Washington D.C. establishment. The best way to send a powerful message is for all like-minded voters to come out and vote. Please do not take this for granted.

If you need assistance in locating your polling location, please go here, and fill in your information. You can also call our headquarters at 317-248-2012.

We're also asking you to show your support for our campaign by adding a pro-Mourdock graphic to your Facebook profile picture. You can do this in two clicks at our Action Center.

Today can be an historic day for liberty, but that won't happen without your help.

Now or never,

Richard Mourdock
Indiana State Treasurer and Republican Candidate for U.S. Senate

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