Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Dickson Named Chief Justice

The Indiana Judicial Nominating Commission voted unanimously today to appoint Justice Brent Dickson as the new Chief Justice of the state's Supreme Court. Dickson is the most senior member of the court first appointed to the bench in 1986 by Gov. Robert Orr. He has been the acting Chief Justice since Randall Shepard stepped down in March. Chief Justice Dickson said of his appointment:
“I am deeply honored by the Commission's confidence in me and by my fellow justices' kind words and support urging my selection. I welcome the opportunity to serve the citizens of Indiana, our dedicated judicial officers, and the staffs of our various court agencies.”
Dickson, who is 70, will reach the mandatory retirement age of 75 in July 2016 before the end of his five-year term. Dickson told reporters that he was not committing to serve until 2016, and that he initially was not interested in assuming the role until his fellow judges and other government officials convinced him he should do it.

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