Monday, July 20, 2009

Marion County GOP Troubles?

Fellow blogger Scott Fluhr has an item at Hoosier Pundit about the payroll checks of employees of the Marion Co. GOP allegedly bouncing recently. "I've heard from sources in Indy that the Marion County GOP's payroll checks bounced," Fluhr writes. "Rumor also has it that there's been a problem with embezzlement, not unlike that seen at the State Democratic Party some years ago," he adds.

Last week, I was contacted by a highly-reliable Marion County Republican source about this rumor. As an elected GOP committeeperson and donor of the Marion Co. GOP, I e-mailed Robb Greene, the party's executive director, seeking information about the rumor. He never replied to my e-mail seeking confirmation or denial of the rumor concerning another party employee. I hope this isn't the same problem other campaign committees have suffered in recent years, if there is indeed a problem.

A couple of years ago, the Indiana Democratic Party turned over evidence to the Marion Co. Prosecutor's office that an employee of the state party, Kim Bostic, had embezzled more than $70,000 from state party funds. Bostic was later sentenced to six months of home detention for the theft. A former Senate Republican Committee campaign worker and Bose McKinney lobbyist, Brad Hiller, pleaded guilty to stealing more than a $100,000 from the Senate GOP committee. He was later sentenced to at least six months in prison for his crime.


indyernie said...

I asked and was told that embezzlement didn't happen. I trust the source.

Nobody said...

IndyErnie: I have been hearing from my sources a lot of grumbling about Tom Johns and that there are serious issues within the GOP. I have yet to get any direct information in regards to the validity of this particular claim, but I can assure you, all this information will come out eventually and I believe that it's in the best interest of the Marion County GOP to tackle this issue directly for the donors will be irate if they find out all this information (transparency) was kept from them.

Of course, as a Libertarian, I shouldn't care because this will only help our organization grow as I'm already seeing a groundswell of moderates switching their allegiance to the Libertarian party.