Tuesday, July 14, 2009

So Much For The Doom And Gloom IPS Budget

Remember how IPS officials, teachers unions and Democrats were blasting the state-approved budget as dealing a fatal body blow to IPS schools as recently as last week? IPS is now rehiring all of those laid off teachers and is looking for other teachers to fill vacancies. The Star's Andy Gammill writes:

Indianapolis Public Schools sent staff morale crashing and created a public splash when it laid off 300 teachers this spring.

But almost all of those teachers have been hired back or been offered other teaching jobs in the district, thanks to a boost from federal stimulus money and the district's normal turnover.

About a dozen -- all high school teachers not in core subjects -- remain involuntarily on the district's reduction-in-force list.

In fact, because of the turnover plus nearly 200 new jobs created with the stimulus money, the district now has about 100 vacancies and is looking to hire teachers to fill those spots.

This is precisely the reason I tell you that you can no longer believe what our government officials tell us. They flat out lie about budget numbers to convince taxpayers to dig deeper into their pockets whether the money is needed or not. If that two-year state budget had been as bad for IPS as you've been reading in the newspaper for the past two weeks, these teachers wouldn't be rehired at a school system with rapidly declining enrollment.


jabberdoodle said...

Every spring - pink slips and the gnashing of teeth. Every summer - high praise for the superintendents' acumen in saving their districts.
Can you spell m-a-n-i-p-u-l-a-t-i-o-n ?

artfuggins said...

This is only one of the many lies told by Eugene White. He is going to bankrupt IPS. Between hiring his relatives, taking a trip to China to recruit teachers, and adding dozens of highpaying administrative jobs, he is putting the final nail in the coffin for IPS and the school board does nothing but give him a $17,000 bonus.

Concerned Taxpayer said...

So...the more students they lose, the more teachers they hire?

Yea, makes good democrat sense to me!

M Theory said...

Democrats act like teenagers with money. They spend it as fast as they get it and they don't think past a day or so.

Jon said...

If they are rehired using stimulus money then they will be fired in two years when that money is gone. It's soft money that goes away in two years. He just moved the firing date down the line another couple of years. When the fed money dies so do the jobs.

Eclecticvibe said...

WFYI reported that the laid-off teachers were able to be rehired because of other teachers who retired or left the district. Overall, there are fewer teachers employed now, than before. Also, stimulus funds were used to rehire several teachers.

Gary R. Welsh said...

The news reports indicate that IPS is filling those vacancies to which you refer.

artfuggins said...

IPS is trying to fill those positions. There is a difference. By the time school starts, IPS will have their usual squad of unlicensed people filling in as "permanent subs" or unlicensed people working on an emergency certificate. No one wants to work for Eugene White.