Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Will FSSA Finally Admit Error Of Roob's Way?

Perhaps Indiana's Family & Social Services Agency is on the brink of acknowledging the colossal mistake its former head, Mitch Roob, made in forcing through a privatization deal for the state's welfare program that involved the participation of his former employer, ACS. "A top Indiana official says the state's privately run welfare project has so many problems that Indiana could begin taking steps to cancel its $1.16 billion contract this fall," the AP reports. The private vendors are being given until the end of September to prepare a "corrective action plan" or face the cancellation of the 10-year contract.


Paul K. Ogden said...

Didn't Roob actually go to head up another agency and got a large increase in pay even though state employee salaries are frozen?

artfuggins said...

Where does former judge James Payne figure into all of this mess?

I know said...

Hey Paul,
Try the Indiana Dept. of Economic Development and a $140,000.00 annual salary.

This is another Daniels appointee that never has any supervision because the Governor is so poor at being an Administrator. You have even said it yourself.

You have a Executive Director of Gaming that has let a 40 year contract and his friends be defaulted on their bonds but it is ok for private money to keep it running after the contractor defaulted and has failed to deliver on the legislative edicts of the contract.

This is an Administration the the Indiana Republicans keep advertising for the White House in 2012? Holy cow we are in enough trouble now in this country and we sure don't need jobs being run out of the US like they are in Indiana and now someone wakes up to the fact the system being supported by Federal dollars is a sham because Roob's friends wanted a sweet deal.

For God sakes Indiana quit talking about all of this and hold someone accountable!!!!

Gary R. Welsh said...

Payne runs an entirely different agency, DCS.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Roob has proven the old adage about government bureaucrats over and over: "F___ up and move up."