Thursday, July 09, 2009

McGoff Rejects "Pageant-Like Scheme"

Dr. John McGoff, Republican candidate for the Fifth District congressional seat held by U.S. Rep. Dan Burton, released a statement today critical of a proposal by would-be kingmaker, P.E. MacAllister, to allow him and a few other Republican elitists to winnow out the four candidates challenging Burton for re-nomination to a single candidate. McGoff says of the plan:

"I've been asked to participate in this proposal to shortcut the election process and take the decision out of the hands of the voters of the Fifth District," McGoff reports, "In 2008, I received 45% of the votes cast in the primary. I trust the voters and believe 'the people' should elect their Representatives. It's a process that has worked well for over 230 years. I will not take part in this pageant-like scheme."

"It is obvious that some of the Republican Party leaders still don't get it," he points out, "The voters are tired of these backroom deals; it's politics as usual. Voters across the country threw the Republicans out of power in 2006. We have become a party without a message and one that appears to exclude, rather than include. This scheme seeks to do just that, exclude voters and candidates in the Fifth District from the rights provided to them by our democratic process."

McGoff points to his challenge in the last primary election against Burton and recalls how he was asked by many within the Republican Party leadership to abandon his campaign because, 'Congressman Burton was doing a fine job and there was no need to change.'

McGoff's statement notes that many of the same political leaders who are now backing one of his challengers to Burton in 2010 backed Burton for re-election during the 2008 primary race and urged him to drop out because they claimed Burton was "doing a fine job and there was no need to change." McGoff received 45% of the primary vote in 2008. "I believe the voters of the Fifth District deserve the right to select the person they want to represent them and their interests in Washington, D.C.," McGoff states. "They don't want a self-proclaimed watchdog group that is operating under the banner of 'party unity' to make their decision for them. This primary election is not about 'The Party.' It's about the welfare and future of our country and its citizens, and that's why I'm running for Congress."


Blog Admin said...

I'm surprised the Democrats across the state haven't used this as a talking point. Then again, maybe I'm just not listening to the propoganda they put out.

artfuggins said...

Democrats know that there is no way that this district is ever going to be held by a Democrat. Our only hope is that someone is there who will not keep embarrassing the state with the behavior of a crazed wacko.

POPA said...

Mr. McGoff certainly knows how to play populism.