Saturday, July 18, 2009

Waterworks Board's Answer To IURC Order: Hire More Consultants

Late last month, the IURC scaled back an emergency rate hike request by the Indianapolis Water Company. Advance Indiana told you how the IURC's order included scathing comments about the water company's one-sided agreement with Veolia, a French-owned company. The IURC knocked increased payments to the private contractor at a time the water company was facing mounting debt and declining revenues. It also questioned incentive payments that were being paid to the company totalling in the millions with little or no quantifying evidence that Veolia should be paid the incentive payments. Despite the damning evidence contained in the IURC's order, there has been a complete news black out on the issue by the mainstream media. True to form, the Indianapolis Waterworks Board had nothing to say about the IURC's blistering comments. Without debate, the board members voted for a resolution to hire more consultants to study and review the IURC's findings. Nobody on the board gives a damn about the public's interests. They were put there to make sure the lobbyists, lawyers, consultants and contractors are all taken care of well. The criminal rape of the ratepayers and the taxpaying public will continue on unchecked. And who's to stop them?

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