Sunday, July 19, 2009

Tully On Politicians' Arrested Development

The Star has apparently fixed the bug on their website that earlier today required all visitors to log in using a user name and password. Political columnist Matt Tully hits the nail on the head with his ruminations on politicians making news in the police blotter section of the newspaper. He suggests that Indiana politicians are turning into an episode of "Cops" and that perhaps this is "a sign of the caliber of person modern-day politics attracts too often." So true.

Star editor Dennis Ryerson reassures readers today that the newspaper is working hard to "better serve our readers" despite all the recent cutbacks and layoffs in the newsroom. Ryerson's paper gets an "F" for its coverage of the Senate District 30 Republican caucus election. Precinct committeepersons will meet this Tuesday to pick a replacement for Sen. Teresa Lubbers for the remaining three years of her term. The Star has had zero coverage to date about the four candidates seeking election to that office.

If you want a good perspective on the Senate District 30 race, check out Glenn Hatmaker's post at his new blog. Glenn is a Washington Township precinct committeeman in the district.

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