Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Oxley Charged With Public Intoxication And Impersonating A Lawmaker

Former State Representative and 2008 Democratic Lt. Governor candidate Dennie Oxley, Jr. has been charged with public intoxication and impersonating a state legislator to avoid arrest, stemming from an incident at a downtown Citgo gas station last Friday morning according to the Marion Co. Prosecutor's Office. A female companion of Oxley's, who works for the House Democratic staff, had to be taken to the hospital after she passed out at the gas station. Indianapolis police planned to arrest Oxley for public intoxication, but he avoided arrest by telling police he was a state lawmaker in Indianapolis for the special session. In fact, he resigned from the House last year after being named to the Democratic ticket and his father, Dennie Oxley, Sr., took his seat. Oxley works as a senior advisor to House Speaker Pat Bauer. Oxley has a pending drunk driving arrest charge from February, which had originally been scheduled for disposition this week, but has been delayed in light of these new charges.

UPDATE: According to various television news reports in Indianapolis, Dennie Oxley, Jr. had been expected to surrender to Indianapolis police today at 1:00 p.m. to be booked on the charges, but he failed to do so as of 7:00 p.m. tonight.

WRTV now reports that Oxley turned himself in to police early this morning.


indyernie said...

A typical damm democrat... they just can't keep their hands off of girls young enough to be their daughters.
I though being an intern was to be a learning experience. I guess the democrats want to take education to a new level so...whats good for a Clinton is good for all? That's what the democrats seem to think.
Scuttle butt is... Oxley was on his way to Pat Bauer's condo for some touchy feebly time.
If Bauer had an ounce of respectability he would kick Oxley to the curb.

Paul K. Ogden said...

Okay, so no one is going to do the Mr. Obvious joke here.

Are they going to arrest the 150 members of the General Assembly for impersonating a lawmaker too?

There, it's done.

varangianguard said...

Now you know why they keep the impersonation thingy as a misdemeanor. Jails are already crowded enough without having a bunch of felons show up after every Legislative session.

Indyernie, I think Governor Sanford called that "crossing a line", but not "all the way".

Starting to sound like the reverse of a Dan Wakeman novel.

artfuggins said...

Perhaps he should have followed the GOP model and traveled to Argentina for his misdeeds. I am so glad that he is not using the Bible and religion to justify and explain his indiscretions.....but only republicans use that tactic....Dems just say we were drunk!!!

indyernie said...


Pat Bauer's e-mail and phone number.

I e-mailed Bauer and asked if he was in agreement with Oxley’s actions . I asked him if he was going to ask Oxley to step down. I'm not expecting an answer.

Gary R. Welsh said...

The real questions that need to be answered with this story is what did Pat Bauer know and when did he know it. It looks like the media is giving him a pass on it, just like they did when they knew he operated a bar in South Bend that regularly served alcohol to underage students at Notre Dame for years.

Concerned Taxpayer said...


artfuggins said...

Why would you call Bauer?? Oxley is not in the legislature and has nothing to do with Bauer. Remember the allegation was that he was impersonating a member of the legislature. That means he is not a member of the body.

indyernie said...

After not receiving a reply to my e-mail I called Bauer's office.

The official response is... "Mr. Oxley hasn't been employed by the legislature since April. Mr. Oxley had a contract that expired when the regular session ended."