Thursday, November 01, 2007

Peterson Exploits Biddle For Political Gain

Mayor Bart Peterson staged a demonstration with African-American community leaders this morning to exploit a racially-charged incident earlier this week involving conservative Star editorial writer RiShawn Biddle. Forget the fact that Star editor Dennis Ryerson had already issued a public apology for the incident yesterday and fired Biddle, Peterson and the Marion Co. Democrats are more interested in polarizing black voters to come out and vote a straight Democratic ticket in next Tuesday's municipal election. The Star's Brendan O'Shaughnessy writes of Peterson's pathetic publicity stunt:

Peterson said he stood on the same site eight years ago and called for a new dialogue about race in the city.

"It seems that today the Internet has become the rallying place for today's haters, for racists," Peterson said. "The impact of racism can be devastating."

The criticism of the newspaper stemmed from an editorial columnist's online discussion board posting, known as a blog, that criticized City-County Council President Monroe Gray.

The blog referred to Gray and other city Democrats using language that both the Star's editor and elected officials called offensive and unacceptable.

Dennis Ryerson, editor of the Star, said he ordered the posting removed as soon as he became aware of it and apologized on behalf of the paper.

He said the employee who posted the comments is no longer employed by the paper and that the comments did not follow the paper's standards.

"I want the Star to be, like the mayor said of the city, a model of civility," Ryerson said. "The Internet should be a center of electronic dialogue, not diatribe."

I talked about it in last year's congressional race between Rep. Julia Carson (D) and Eric Dickerson (R). Any African-American who dares to step out of line and support anything other than the cause of blindly voting and supporting Democrats for office will be dealt with swiftly and harshly by these folks who claim to speak for all blacks. Marion Co. Democrats use the black churches and Amos Brown every election to polarize black voters against Republicans. The only way this shameless practice will end is if white voters say enough and vote Republican just to spite the Democrats for playing the politics of race.

Democrats figure they only need to win a respectable share of the white vote because they consistently garner 90% of the black vote every election. Republican candidates need close to 65% of the white vote to counter this racial polarization among black voters to win. It would be even better if black voters figured out that only a handful of African-American leaders are being helped by the policies of this administration. Most predominantly, African-American neighborhoods in the county have fallen further into decline and have seen an increase in crime under the leadership of Mayor Bart Peterson and the Democrats. This stunt by Peterson and African-American leaders will do absolutely nothing to bridge the racial divide in this county. But then again, that wasn't the purpose of it. Peterson and the Democrats want to maintain that divide because their political survival depends upon it.

And Peterson's got a lot of nerve blaming blogs for today's racism. He's obviously getting his latest political advice from the city's second biggest race-baiter behind Amos Brown, Wilson Allen. Let's not forget that the offending person who prompted today's publicity stunt, RiShawn Biddle, is African-American. Try looking at the man in the mirror next time, Bart.


Anonymous said...

What an absolutely disgusting spectacle. Did Peterson mention Aaron Haith's portrayl of Abdul as the grandson of Willie Lynch?

This is ugly desperation from Bart.

Anonymous said...

Oh, come on. You know it's been noted many places that the Indy Star reader forums and blog comments areas are a haven for virulent racism - it's come up on a national level when the newspapers of other major cities have commented on it. That's why Ryerson issued that "conversational standards" post; they were getting grief from Gannett higher ups.

And there's no way you've forgotten the whole racist, anti-gay spectacle that took place on Indy Undercover - You know, the one where I got called a dyke. They may have scrubbed their archives and given a general "settle down" message, but that doesn't erase what happened.

I haven't forgotten or forgiven that, even if you swept it all under the rug and refused to acknowledge it for your own personal political goals.

Pretending that this is a policy stunt is absurd; there's clearly a problem in this city.

Anonymous said...

let me get this straight.

a black man used an offensive term in describing a white man's (sorry, he is) behavior. it become the most important issue in this city. he is terminated. the bad behaving white man continues to earn two paychecks even though it is not clear he really does much of anything.

a rally is held. the mayor, who is whiter than sour cream, uses this to denounce the black man who offended the white man. to quote from another blog, "pander on."

meanwhile the mayor's opponent is in a biracial marriage and has, naturally, bi racial kids.

they mayor makes race an issue but the opponent is really to much of a gentleman to brandish how he lives his life everyday. the same people allegedly represented by the people rallying with him are worse off than they were under republicans. white people -- and an increasing number of blacks for that matter -- continue to flee to johnson, hendricks, boone, and hamilton county in ever increasing numbers escaping this mess.

while i firmly believe there are no undecideds left in marion county, GOTV is essential. i expect we will see a lot more of this before tuesday.

people who buy into this were never going to vote for anyone but bart anyway but, heck, pander on.

Anonymous said...

Come on Andy, you already know the answer to that question. Peterson could not open his mouth with regard to what Aaron Haith said. And risk pissing off the black dem. machine? Never going to happen. That is why, the people of indianapolis need to vote for Ballard.

Gary R. Welsh said...

steph, your indignation is selective as usual. You remained silent when our fire chief called Melyssa Donaghey a bull dyke because you don't like Melyssa. You had nothing to say when Aaron Haith called Abdul the grandson of Willie Lynch. In fact, you don't like anyone who isn't a leftist Democrat. You despised RiShawn Biddle. As I recall, you called him something like a "big dumb idiot" on your blog. As to IndyUndercover, there are lots of folks over there who comment. Just because there are comments that are anti-gay or racist, doesn't mean the blog itself is anti-gay or racist. Have you read the comments to the stories on They're atrocious, but I wouldn't accuse the Star of being anti-gay or racist because of what those anonymous posters write. I don't believe I've ever met the person (s) who blog at IndyU, and I doubt you have either, even though you once falsely accused me of being the person who is behind IndyU. Your credibility in this respect is highly suspect from the outset. You are so blind at what is happening around you. Your neighborhood in the Fall Creek area is seeing numerous foreclosures. I know people who live in your neighborhood are seeing a huge crime wave. Housing prices are already falling there after they exploded a few years ago. You pretend none of this is going on because you don't want to believe your beloved Democrats are to blame for anything.

Anonymous said...

Give us all a break, Steph. In today's TDW, VP Dick Cheney's daughter is mentioned when questioning the 'behavior' of elected officials' offspring. Anyone else think that was 'anti-gay'?

Anonymous said...

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. Steph posted totally false and hurtful things about Kris Kiser on her blog which played on the worst stereotypes of gay men simply to win support for Julia.

Anonymous said...

Gary, you are the master at spin. As a Democrat, I'm sure as heck glad the Republicans don't employ you as a consultant. You put the fear of God in a lot of Dems in this town with what you do here. You run circles around everyone on the GOP's payroll.

Anonymous said...

The truly pathetic spectacle that is Democratic politics in Indianapolis is that all of the policies implemented while the Ds have been in charge have disproportionately hurt the black community, yet they as a whole cheer and blindly pull the lever for the same inflictors of bad policy. Public safety and tax upon tax upon tax. Meanwhile, white Democrats such as Peterson dance to the tune of Black D's because they know that the black elected officials are the ones who truly have the juice. I wouldnt be suprised if logically white democrats in general feel hostage to these self-serving fools, yet they would denounce anyone from outside the party who commented on the issue.

I laugh when I see a Peterson sign in any neighborhood, black or white. Hopefully stunts like this, since they want to play the race card in the first place, will further encourage all people in Marion County other than them (Black independants, Black republicans, whites of the same groups) to cancel their votes and get these idiots, white and black D's alike outta office. They are running Marion County into the ground.

PS - Steph? Did you not refer to Rishawn once as a motherfucker? So much for civility, or is accusing someone of a crime (incest) "ok"..yet if someone calls you a dyke (which is not a crime) then you get outraged?? Hell, some anonymous person called you that, big deal..but RiShawn has a case against I'd quit playing the victim, you really arent, here..but you DID victimize someone.

Anonymous said...

I think, 2:46, its not so much "spin" as it is "truths" (finger wiggling air-quotes)

Anonymous said...

Do you REALLY think the Red Star's carefully written endorsement of peterson, and Ryerson's firing of Biddle was COINCIDENTAL?????

This was all set up to help peterson defeat the white monster.

Anonymous said...

"The blog referred to Gray and other city Democrats using language that both the Star's editor and elected officials called offensive and unacceptable"

So is Democrat State Senator Howard an "elected official"?

Is Aaron Haith an appointed city "official" on the CCC? He seems to hold power.

If so why is it OK for Howard to refer to African Americans as "NIGARS"

Why is it OK for Haith to call another AA "Willie Lynch’s grandson"?

Has Peterson fired Haith?

Has the Democrat cactus on the State Senate censured Howard?

NO! Hypocrites all.

Anonymous said...

I hadn't heard until now that our fire chief called someone a bulldyke. I don't know who Melyssa is, so I can hardly say I don't like her.

I've been a little busy lately and haven't gone swimming in the bile you love so much, but that doesn't justify you calling me inconsistent. Inattentive, maybe, but given the state of things, that's hardly blameworthy.

Anonymous said...

You despised RiShawn Biddle.

You seemed to have a lot of vitriol for him too, Gary. Are you suddenly best buddies?

Gary R. Welsh said...

Steph, I don't know how you could have missed the bull dyke incident with Melyssa. It was talked about on the list serve even if you don't read this blog.

On my comments about Biddle, yes, I have been highly critical of him from time to time, but I have also praised him when I agreed with his positions. I always respected RiShawn, no matter how much I differed with him.

Anonymous said...

This is truly pathetic. Alcoholics, drug addicts, liars, thieves,high school drop outs and scam artists dressed up and posing as elected government officials. Typical of the kind of black people the Party slates for us to vote for.

Anonymous said...

bart peterson is nothing more than a race-baiting whore who panders to any group that will help him get re-elected.

He has no morals, scruples, ethics, dignity, or honesty.

I guess he makes the perfect mayor for Detroit South (or New Orleans North)!

Anonymous said...

African American Republican Council of Marion County
Post Office Box 1061*Indianapolis, IN 46206 * [317] 956-0274


NOVEMBER 1, 2007



Members of the African American Republican Council are on the record to vote

and to give our support to Greg Ballard as the next mayor for the City of Indianapolis

over the next four years.

It is without a doubt Mr. Ballard brings to the office a sincere commitment for

diversity, integrity and solid ideas for the future of this city. Mr. Ballard as a

candidate for mayor is unencumbered by special interests groups and other

traditional controlling influences. A proven leader with a strong military background

in the U. S Marine Corps can certainly benefit our city against any form of terrorists

threats. His approach for safer neighborhoods and having received the support from

the Fraternal Order of Police will help to reassure citizens of their safety and security

in their homes. Mr. Ballard has promised open public meetings and no blank pages

in the city’s annual budgets is a commitment that was lacking in the current


We call upon all African Americans and other concerned citizens to cast their

votes for a change in the mayor’s office. Vote for Greg Ballard for Mayor on Tuesday,

November 6th.

The future of our great city is at stake in the election!

Anonymous said...

Let's enjoy this blast from the past:

Rishawn also complains that AI "seems to get its gander up every time race is mentioned [and] needs to be a little less sensitive about the matter especially given its own proclivities towards identity politics." And if I'm not mistaken, it was none other than you Rishawn who recently accused African-Americans of "Black group think" and automatically defending the actions of an African-American, right or wrong.


Anonymous said...

Is this the same Steph Mineart that went to Ball State? Funny how people turn up when you haven't seen them in years! Hope you are well, Steph!

This whole thing makes me want to puke. The selective indignation by some who tolerate SOME racial comments, but not others, is awful.

No wonder people are sick of politics. I'm beginning to wonder myself.

But, as I said at TDW, to those who think it's okay to make these comments about some, but not others: it says far more about you then it does those who say this kind of crap.

When the debate reaches this level, where the candidates focus on this kind of side-show crap (the rally, not the underlying issue, which itself is deplorable) and not the real issues confronting the city, we are in trouble. And if you say that racial issues ARE real issues confronting the city, then I would submit this is NOT the way to address them. It isn't productive. It's grandstanding at its worst.

Get rid of the hypocricy and I might actually listen. Until then, Mayor, hit the bricks - you don't care about the city, just your own career. And you most certainly do not care about the African American community.

By the way, Jocelyn - please get a professional to write your press release, or at least someone marginally versed in grammar.


Lalita said...

Reading all the flap over The Biddle Affair has left me with one inescapable conclusion: We Black folk must confuse the hell out of the good white citizens of Indianapolis!

We support the "rights" of rappers to excoriate Black women, the police, folk with some education and, hell, each other in "song" and give a wink to other Blacks who try to explain, straightfaced, how n****r is a term of endearment. B***h is crooned by rappers who tell you to "drop her like she' hot" (that's not foreplay, ya'll, it's an invitation to throw down).

Now, Black people are protesting outside of the homes of Viacom (MTV and BET) executives demanding that our portrayals in music videos become more balanced (rather than using a market approach and not buying or watching that garbage or protesting in front of the homes of sponsors who support those programs).

Amos Brown and his ilk protest against poor RiShawn (who, given his very public career self-immolation in Indy no less, may be more in need psychiatric care than rebuke) while supporting illegal gambling and other forms of colorful name calling for those of us who go off the planta...Don't do it, Lalita. You'll get Biddled.

Note: calling someone anything relating to Willie Lynch because you don't agree and need to verbally lick someone upside the noggin is juvenile. Either make your argument based on fact or move on.

Lies, all of it, and it's helped land us in the state we're in. As noted fashion icon, Heidi Klum might suggest, race based invective is either in or it's out.