Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tales From Tampa

Mayor Greg Ballard with lobbyists John Hammond (standing) and Bob Grand (bald guy)(Howey Politics Photo)


While you're trying to figure out how you will survive the worst economic recession since the Great Depression, Mayor Greg Ballard is shown dining with lobbyists at the Republican National Convention in Tampa plotting how to take more of your hard-earned tax dollars and give them to the fat cats who have lavished campaign contributions on him, along with all-expense paid trips, country club memberships, luxury gifts and free meals for Ballard and his wife that total more than the salary taxpayers have paid him over the past four years. Lobbyist John Hammond, along with a team of his fellow lobbyists at Ice Miller, have been retained by the Pacers recently to help secure tens of millions more in public subsidies for the NBA franchise, which Herb needs to cover the balance of what he had to pay to his late brother Mel Simon's estate for his share of the Pacers. Bob Grand's law firm, of course, represents the Simon's interests. The $33.5 million you already gave Herb was just a downpayment on the purchase price of his brother's interest in the team. Winnie wants to know who has a credit card they can loan her so she can go shopping for new dresses and matching shoes. Greg wonders why she's not up in the room shining his shoes and ironing his shirts.

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