Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ballard Takes Another Overseas Junket

By my count, Mayor Greg Ballard has now racked up more than a half dozen overseas junkets during the less than five years that he's been in office. Ballard always claims the purpose of the trip is to promote trade, but the real purpose is simply an excuse for Ballard and his wife Winnie to take all-expense paid trips around the world. Ballard's latest junket is to China. As with all the other trips, pay-to-play contributors to his campaign are accompanying the Mayor on his junket. Here's the full list accompanying Ballard on the junket, which doesn't include the IMPD officers who provide protection to him:

1. Mayor Greg Ballard
2. Mrs. Winnie Ballard
3. Jane Gehlhausen, Director, International and Cultural Affairs, City of Indianapolis
4. Michael Young, Project Director, Develop Indy
5. Mike Dilts, President, Shiel Sexton
6. Brian Sullivan, Vice President, Shiel Sexton
7. Tony Steinhardt, President, Ratio Architects
8. John Watson, Managing Member, Core Redevelopment, LLC
9. Sherry Dong, President, Hangzhou Sister City Committee
10. Charlie Cai, President, Westfield Outdoor Inc.
11. Mia Morrison, Director of International Admissions, Marian University
12. Jin Li, Associate Principal, Ratio/SMDP

1 comment:

CircleCityScribe said...

How many bullet proof vests could Ballard have purchased with the cost of this junket?

(Official Misconduct, a felony: a Public Official who performs an act he is forbidden by law to perform.)

Hmmmm, Indiana law requires purchase of the vests. They aren't purchased. Who is responsible for criminal prosecution?