Friday, August 03, 2012

Media Leaks Romney's Ninth Grade Report Card

The Omedia has steadfastly refused to investigate any of the dozens of discrepancies contained in the false biographical narrative presented by Barack Obama in his self-serving autobiography, "Dreams From My Father," while they continue their pattern of digging into every proven and unproven claim about his political opponents. The Washington Post hit us with an outlandish claim that Romney had bullied a gay classmate when he was in high school, even though the person he allegedly bullied was dead and had never made such a claim while he was alive and the deceased man's family members questioned the validity of the account provided by political opponents of Romney decades after the fact. All of Obama's school records have remained under lock and seal, while his opponent's school records appear to be fair game. Today, Buzzfeed publishes what it claims is Romney's Ninth Grade report card issued to him by the prestigious prep school he attended in Michigan, Cranbrook-- his Ninth Grade report card! The blog references the fact that Romney has been mocked for saying he could have earned an "E" in school, as opposed to an "F." The report card reveals that Cranbrook actually used the letter "E" to denote a failing grade.

The hypocrisy of the media's coverage of Obama and his political opponents simply knows no bounds. The Omedia has conspired for the past five years to conceal any relevant, factual information about Obama's questionable biographical narrative. Anyone who dares to question anything about Obama's mysterious background runs the risk of being labeled a racist who can't stand the fact that a black man occupies the White House. At the same time, they demand every single record of his political opponents. As we saw in his Senate race in Illinois, two of his political opponents were destroyed when David Axelrod conspired with the Chicago Tribune to pry open their sealed divorce records to expose unproven allegations against them that destroyed both candidate's campaigns and paved the way for Obama's victory. Similarly, the Omedia is singing in unison the Obama campaign's demand that Romney release his tax records for the past decade instead of the past two years as he's already done. When Sen. "Dirty Harry" Reid states without substantiation that he has a reliable source that Romney didn't pay any taxes for a period of a decade, the media runs with the story, even though Reid refuses to name his so-called "reliable source" and how his unnamed source would possess such knowledge.

So vested are the establishment interests in re-electing Obama that we are now seeing media giants conspiring with what are supposed to be reputable polling firms to skew polls results by oversampling Democratic voters to make it appear that Obama is favored by the American people for re-election over Romney. Incredibly, the AP tries to make the latest unemployment figures showing a rise in the unemployment rate to 8.3% as more Americans gave up on finding a job than the number of workers finding jobs during the most recent month as "a hopeful sign." Can you imagine the media reporting a rising unemployment figure when George W. Bush was president as "a hopeful sign?" The bar is set so low for this president by the media that he can't possibly be deemed a failure no matter how bad of a job he does in office. The Obama administration actually recalculated the way it determines the unemployment rate by disregarding all of the unemployed workers who have given up hope on finding a job and no longer are collecting unemployment benefits; otherwise, the rate would actually be much higher than it is. Americans are going to have to turn to alternative media sources for the facts because it's clear the mainstream media will lie and misinform all that is necessary to re-elect their guy.

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Downtown Indy said...

Romney's grades and tax returns are far more important than the 163,000 jobs added and 150,000 jobs lost over the last 30 days.