Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Straub To Wed Employee He Hired And Supervised

It looks like former Public Safety Director Frank Straub was doing more than just screwing dedicated Indianapolis police officers during his reign of terror. The Indianapolis Star is reporting that the woman Straub hired to run Animal Care & Control, Amber Myers, and whom he supervised, has resigned her city post to run off with Straub to Spokane, Washington where he is set to take the reins as that city's police chief and get married to him. From the Star's Jon Murray:

Indianapolis Animal Care and Control Chief Amber Myers submitted her resignation late Monday and will depart the agency Sept. 14, a spokesman confirmed to The Indianapolis Star.
While the spokesman provided no further information, Myers reportedly is engaged to former Indianapolis Public Safety Director Frank Straub -- who was named police chief in Spokane, Wash., last week. Their relationship wasn’t publicly known in Indianapolis. But last week, a Spokane TV news report showed Straub arriving at the airport before the announcement with Myers at his side. The reporter referred to her as Straub's fiancĂ©e.
Several times in recent days, The Star asked Myers and ACC spokesman Adam Garrett about Myers’ engagement and to address whether Myers planned to stay at the agency.
Each time, both declined to discuss those issues or Myers’ status at ACC. Neither disputed the Spokane TV report.
Garrett sent a brief email Monday night that said Myers had resigned.

Interestingly, Myers isn't the only woman Straub supervised that he had been romantically linked during his tumultuous tenure in Indianapolis according to gossip circulating around the City-County Building. No wonder he had his own personal shower installed in his suite of offices as part of a costly remodeling project he demanded be undertaken to make his accommodations more pleasing for his personal tastes. Straub told the Star that the city had no policy that prohibited him from having a sexual relationship with employees he supervised. Murray reports that Straub recoiled when asked about his relationship with Myers. “I’m not commenting on my personal life,” he said.


Mary Roger Bowser said...

When is some TV media news outlet going to get the nerve to demand a video tour of Herr DOK-TOR's SUITE of offices, etc.
It is public property, paid for by public money.

Anonymous said...

Now we know the rest of the story...and probably why that luxurious private shower was built into the Straub-Suite in the CCB with our TAX money!

Anonymous said...

Straub told Spokane he was qualified to be police chief because: "In Indianapolis, I identified a new leadership team for our Animal Care and Control..."

He didn't mention that his identification of "leadership" came with sexual favors!