Thursday, August 16, 2012

Lieutenant Governor Candidates Debate

The three candidates for Lt. Governor faced off in a debate at the Indiana State Fair yesterday where the focus was largely on agriculture-related issues. Judging from Niki Kelly's story in the Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette, she thought John Gregg's running mate, State Sen. Vi Simpson, performed the best of the three.

Democrat Vi Simpson offered several specific proposals during the traditional debate, while Republican Sue Ellspermann focused on the heritage of agriculture in Indiana. Libertarian Brad Klopfenstein provided some levity . . .
Simpson offered one concrete proposal – stop using state gas tax dollars to fund Indiana State Police and Bureau of Motor Vehicle expenses . . .
Ellspermann quoted a lot of statistics but didn’t provide a lot of specifics . . .
According to Kelly, all three candidates agreed that Indiana's new property tax cap law unfairly shifts the property tax burden to farmland. Simpson would take the most radical approach be repealing the state constitutional amendment that caps property taxes on residential property at 1%. Ellspermann wants to change the way farmland is valued.

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patriot paul said...

From the Star news quoting Libertarian candidate klopfenstein:
"The Daniels/Skillman administration I think has done a fine job with Indiana's ag policy. When I'm governor, it's my intention to carry a lot of those policies forward."

If a Libertarian applauds the Republican administration and says he will ditto those same policies, then why would anyone vote libertarian?