Friday, August 24, 2012

Small Crowd Turns Out To See Michelle Obama

What a difference four years makes. Indiana is not in play and crowds to see one of the Obamas speak have become small. Only a few hundred die-hard Democrats showed up to see Michelle Obama at a fundraising event held at Lucas Oil Stadium. From the Star's Chris Sikich:

Several hundred people attended the event, held in a curtained-off concourse at the football stadium. “Forward” images adorned several flat-screen TVs. A diverse group, people gathered on a blue Colts-themed carpet and watched as several speakers gave warm-up speeches, including Congressman Andre Carson.
But when the First Lady arrived, the applause turned thunderous. Dressed in a sharp black and purple dress and black cardigan and speaking in front of Indiana and U.S. flags, she said it was wonderful to be back in Indianapolis.
She and her husband made several trips to Indiana in 2008 — a state where they pulled off a historic win. They haven’t campaigned nearly as aggressively this year.
Have you ever noticed that reporters can't talk about Michelle Obama without admiringly discussing the clothes she's wearing? Maybe it's because she never wears an outfit more than once before discarding it. Who knows who's paying for her expensive wardrobe, and God forbid any reporter inquire as they did incessantly when Nancy Reagan, a former Hollywood actress, was First Lady.

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Unknown said...

36Just another of the '200+ events annually' that the stadium was built to handle because it's 'not just a football facility.'

And hats off to Google for enhancing the science of captcha images to a level hitherto unknown, namely 95% undecipherable by even a human.