Thursday, August 16, 2012

Will Lawrence Be First Indiana Municipality To File For Bankruptcy?

It looks like the Paul Ricketts racket out in Lawrence left behind a lasting legacy before being tossed from office by voters last fall. Lawrence Mayor Dean Jessup is warning council members that the city could face bankruptcy before year's end unless drastic cuts are made in the city budget, largely falling on the police and fire departments. Mayor Jessup says the city will run out of money by November unless emergency budget cuts are made. Council members are balking at the cuts and denied an opportunity to Mayor Jessup to address the city's budget woes at the council meeting last night according to WRTV. The problems seem to stem from a decision by former Mayor Ricketts to add a bunch of new positions for which there was no permanent funding, including 18 firefighter positions. Ricketts died earlier this year. Will Lawrence's budget woes force it to consolidate its police and fire departments with the City of Indianapolis? It's never made sense to me that Lawrence, which is part of the incorporated consolidated government of Marion County, should have a separate police and fire department.

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guy77money said...

Just what Indy needs another bail out of badly run municipality. It's amazing all the corruption that has gone on in Lawrence since the Federal government closed most of Fort Harrison. The Lawrence city government motto should be "Take the Money and Run", truly a sad situation.