Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Lugar Gets An Early Start On Closing Down Offices

Sen. Richard Lugar's term will not end for another five months, but he has already started the process of closing down his regional offices in Indiana which serve his Indiana constituents. Regional offices in Fort Wayne, Valparaiso and Evansville are already archiving records for storage and winding down their operations as staff members search for new jobs according to the Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette's Brian Francisco. New constituent cases are being referred to Sen. Dan Coats' office or the appropriate U.S. House member's office. Lugar's Indianapolis and Washington, D.C. offices will be the last to close according to the report. I thought an outgoing lawmaker usually waited until his successor had been elected and worked with his successor to turn over open case files. The successor often takes over the outgoing lawmaker's office space.

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artfuggins said...

If I was Lugar and trashed and disrespected the way Mourdock and his supporters did to Lugar, I would close down early and tell Mourdock to go to hell.