Monday, August 27, 2012

Frank Straub Blames Retired IMPD Officers For His Problems In Indy

Former Indianapolis Public Safety Director Frank Straub made a bizarre claim during the announcement of his appointment as Spokane, Washington's new police chief by that city's mayor, David Condon, as reported by KREM-TV. Straub claims that his problems in Indianapolis stemmed from a small group of "recalcitrant" retired IMPD officers who boxed him in and impeded his ability to get anything accomplished. Rank-and-file active police officers within IMPD barely contained their dislike of Straub soon after he took over the Department, largely due to his inflated ego and abrasive management style. Straub resigned as public safety director after it was clear there were not enough votes to secure confirmation of his re-appointment by the City-County Council. Straub was similarly forced out of his prior job in White Plains, New York after the city council there prepared a no-confidence vote on his performance.


belker said...

Frank Straub thinks a "small group of recalcitrants" disagreed with him? WRONG!

Frank Straub instituted a "GeStraubo" immediately upon his arrival, under the guise of "professional standards," the group was a SECRET POLICE who initiated untold secret investigations on police officers....remember the Deputy Police Chief that had his office wiretapped?????

Active officers could not express themselves under fear of losing their job.

Mary Roger Bowser said...

Of COURSE he blamed "retired officers!" He has NO control over retired officers.
If he had said active officers, it would show he could not control them.