Wednesday, August 15, 2012

May Claims To Be Victim Of $15,000 Extortion Attempt

Advance Indiana earlier reported on an incident where someone delivered a birthday present containing dead flowers to 7th District Republican congressional candidate Carlos May. In the interview above posted on YouTube, May claims he was also the victim of a $15,000 extortion attempt. Speaking of the extortionist, May said, "From his own Facebook account, he was basically trying to extort $15,000 from my family, claiming he was going to take all of this information to Carson's camp. That one was a little bit more precise. That was a little bit more direct so I let the FBI handle that one." May doesn't name the extortionist. I'm not sure why May chose an interview with to reveal the extortion attempt, which apparently happened before the gift of dead flowers was sent to him. An elderly white man in his 60s was described as the person who delivered the package to JT's Bar & Grille where an event had previously been scheduled to celebrate May's 33rd birthday that was later cancelled.

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