Thursday, September 10, 2015

Trump's Former Campaign Adviser Takes To Twitter To Promote Anti-Clinton Book

Political consultant Roger Stone may no longer be advising Donald Trump's presidential campaign, but he spends a lot of time promoting his former client's candidacy on Twitter and taking shots at his political opponents. He's also been promoting his new book, The Clintons' War On Women" in which he describes how Bill and Hillary Clinton work as a team to "systematically abuse women and others--sexually, physically and pscychologically--in their scramble for power and wealth." He promises his book will end Hillary's campaign to become president. Incidentally, Stone has been promising that there were more shoes to drop in Chris Christie's Bridgegate scandal that would sink his political career. See my previous post.


Flogger said...

Hillary has plenty of baggage on her own plus carrying the weight of Bill Clinton. She has been forced reboot her campaign several times as her focus groups try to triangulate her next course correction. Hillary said she was broke when her and Bill departed the White House, yet she has a net worth of over $20M now. What exactly has Hillary Clinton ever done for woman, African-Americans, or Hispanics except mouth platitudes??

The McMega-Media has virtual black-out on Bernie Sanders. The pressitutes in the national media admit Hillary has problems, but their conclusions all revolve around "marketing" her campaign. The McMega-Media will not report on the issues that separate Sanders and Hillary. The McMega-Media is correct in reporting an anti-Hillary movement among Democrats, but their solution is another Corporately owned candidate - Joe Biden to sit in the wings.

Anonymous said...

The only entity permanently parked in our marital bedroom is the Republican Party. For so called 'get out of my life' conservatives they seem to want women to revert to a Biblical role of subservience. And what has the Democratic Party done to advance the lives of Americans? Social Security, Medicare, healthcare coverage, increases in the minimum wage, the right to organize, voting rights, and promote the equal treatment of all citizens. All things that the Republican Party has very actively opposed for the last century. For these anti-everything oligarchs it's like of the people, by the people, and for the people, is due no consideration.