Wednesday, September 16, 2015

In Case You Doubted Where Gannett Stands On Trump's Candidacy

According to a loaded survey question put to its readers, USA Today says Mexico would be the most popular destination to flee the United States in the event Donald Trump is elected president. Would any mainstream news media organization have asked such a question of their readers when Barack Obama first ran for president? Here were the top responses to the unscientific survey:

  • Mexico: 75,000
  • General: 69,000 (“I’m moving if Trump is elected” but no location specified)
  • Canada: 25,000
  • United Kingdom: 11,000
  • Australia: 6,000
  • Alaska: 5,800
  • France: 2,000
  • Hawaii: 1,500
  • Jamaica: 1,200
  • Ireland: 1,100
  • Sweden: 1,000
  • Brazil: 1,000
Apparently some of the respondents mistakenly believed Hawaii and Alaska are not part of the United States. Hat tip to Gateway Pundit.


Chas. M. Navarra said...

Amazing but, hey, it's the Indianapolis Star and Gannett's Indianapolis Star has about zero concept of what actual journalism is about. Not one lamestream "news" organization would ever have asked this question about Obama nor would one today ask the question if Hillary Rodham Clinton, Bernie Sanders, or Joe Biden.

My cancellation about ten years ago of my full subscription to The Indianapolis Star was one of the wisest decisions I ever made.

Pete Boggs said...

As Gannett persists in doing jour-nihilism at the expense & credibility of journalism; where will Wall Street continue to flee in its pursuit of investment grade companies?

Paul K. Ogden said...

That poll is a ridiculous thing for a media outlet to do. I can't stand Trump, but that is a cheap shot.

c. roger csee said...

I guess they can join all the movie stars who moved when George Bush was elected.

Oh....wait a minute....

Josh said...

Some people are thinking Trump is a shill for the dems. He has always supported key dem platforms such as premeditated in utero vivisection infanticide (abortion), etc etc. Then suddenly he starts speaking teapartyese and is the darling of conservative Americans. I expect him to get elected, and then do exactly the opposite of what he said he would. I'm afraid he'll turn out to be a rino the likes of the Bush syndicate. Victory for the nwo and the single party establishment that tries to play off that there are two parties.

Anonymous said...

If Trump gets elected POTUS it'll be on par with Arnold Schwarzegger getting elected Governor of California and former wrestler Jesse Ventura getting elected Governor of Minnesota