Sunday, September 27, 2015

That Time Bill Had Steven Spielberg Try To Make Hillary Appear Warmer And More Likeable

Hillary enlisted Steven Spielberg to make her more likeable
At the request of former President Bill Clinton, his good friend and Hollywood filmmaker Steven Spielberg agreed to provide free coaching services to Hillary Clinton in an effort to make her appear to be a warmer and more likable person. Spielberg's attempts at "Saving Private Rodham" came to an abrupt end after Hillary became frustrated and knocked over a camera according to an excerpt from Ed Klein's new book reported in the New York Post.
A couple of weeks after Hillary began her likeability lessons, she invited several women friends to Whitehaven. When one of her friends noticed a video camera standing on a tripod in a corner of the room, she asked Hillary what it was for.
“Speech practice,” Hillary said, according to the recollection of one of the women. “My coaches tell me I’m supposed to pretend when I speak.
Pretend that I actually like the audience. I’m supposed to force myself to keep a smile on my face. I’m supposed to think happy thoughts. To think of Chelsea or Charlotte or my [late] mother. But not about Bill, because even though I love him to death, he makes me tear my hair out.” That got a laugh from the women.
But as the campaign heated up, one of the first casualties was the Spielberg likeability lessons. Everyone agreed they weren’t working.
“For more than a decade, Mrs. Clinton has tried to swat away a persistent concern about her ability to connect with voters,” noted The New York Times. “ ‘Saturday Night Live’ recently captured that problem in a sketch featuring an actress playing Mrs. Clinton, who said of herself at one point, ‘What a relatable laugh!’ Years of security-infused Bubble Wrap around her travels and a wealthy lifestyle have done little to pull Mrs. Clinton closer to voters.”
“Given that [Hillary] has been in public life since 1992, it’s a bit incongruous to consider that her speaking style is ­often so lacking,” wrote The Washington Post. “She has yet to master ‘the big speech,’ which is part of the toolbox of any ­major politician.”
When Hillary spoke in public, she still had trouble making eye contact with her audience. Her eyes wandered from the text of her speech or her talking points to some unfocused spot on the ceiling and back again. Her voice was flat and uninflected. In exasperation, Hillary quit taking the likeability lessons.
“I decided I had enough with the camera and the recordings and the coaches,” Hillary told a friend. “I got so angry I knocked the f- -king camera off its tripod. That was the end of my Stanislavski period.”
The New York Post excerpts have been picked up by numerous media outlets. None of them have raised questions about the legality of Spielberg's free services, not to mention the free use of his luxury apartment in Trump Towers during her 2000 Senate campaign. That item comes out in the book when Klein explains how Hillary had attempted unsuccessfully to get use of a private elevator in the building so she wouldn't have to come face-to-face with the other wealthy tenants in the building.
From the collection of videos, she selected the ones she liked and sent them off to Steven Spielberg’s office, with a reminder that everyone ­involved in the project was sworn to secrecy.
Not that she had any reason to mistrust Steven. He’d always been more than generous to her. Spielberg let her use his corporate apartment in the Trump Tower on Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue when she ran for a Senate seat from New York in 2000. Hillary felt right at home in the lavish surroundings, and she crashed at Spielberg’s pied-à-terre more than 20 times.
Accustomed as she was to being treated like royalty, she asked the management of Trump Tower to give her the exclusive use of one of its elevators. The management ­refused. She had to share an elevator with the skyscraper’s other millionaire peons.
When the Hollywood coaches sent back their critiques of Hillary’s video sessions, they noted that she looked irritated and bored. Most times, after she glanced at the printout of their notes — she called them “notes from La-La Land” — she tossed them in the wastepaper basket.
Oh well, Bill and Hillary have always been above the law.


Anonymous said...

Yes, Bill and Hillary have always considered themselves above the law. To this day they consider themselves above the American people. Why the heck anyone "adores" Hillary (the word one recently told me even with documented proof HRC is a liar, a thief, a disabuser of feminism and "woman's rights", ad nauseam) is just beyond common sense.

There is nothing, not one thing, in this Universe that could make this aged, out of date, imperious, dishonest, multimillionaire one-percenter angry old white woman appear to be "likeable" or "warm".

This wretch of human flesh cannot connect with everyday people because she is completely lacking in compassion and empathy. In short, Hillary Rodham Clinton is more Richard Nixon that Richard Nixon was Richard Nixon!!!

Anonymous said...

Here is one accurate and recent article from The Daily Beast (of all places!) about the dishonest Hillary Rodham Clinton that this out gay Advance Indiana commenter suggests every LGBT must read:

Unrequited Love: Hillary Is No Gay Icon

Anonymous said...

How many times will the outrageous lie work that she is a "victim"? The old nag is at it again!...

From Politico:
"A seemingly frustrated Hillary Clinton strove on Sunday to link the latest flap over her personal email server with the string of scandals and attacks Republicans raised against her in the 1990s..." Yeah, it's those damn Republicans!

<a href=">Hillary Clinton 2015: 'Another Conspiracy Theory'</a>

Indy Rob said...

I would not say that the problem is only that President Clinton and Senator Clinton believe themselves to be above the law, it is more of the attitude that they believe that they are smarter than everyone with none of the humility or empathy for other people; they see other people to be used since other people are dumber and less deserving that they are.
BTW, this seems to be a common attitude with most politicians, some are just better at hiding it than others.
Bill can be very charming, Hillary can't.

Josh said...


Goes along with this;

Gary R. Welsh said...

Understanding why a boy from Hope, Arkansas born to the town slut could be entitled to everything throughout his life is best explained by accepting that his biological father was Winthrop Rockefeller. It sure explains why people in very high places came to the aid of this sexual pervert and his evil beard for a wife time and time again to ensure their ascent to power and murdered dozens of people along the way who posed a threat to their climb to the top.

Flogger said...

As a Bernie Sanders supporter and an observer of Hillary, I am not surprised she is sinking in the polls. When Sanders speaks you hear and see some fire in his speeches and comments. In essence Sanders believes in what he says and has a track record. Hillary is a stark contrast, as she and her focus groups try to triangulate the audience she is speaking to and then put on a costume, then crank up the smoke and mirrors machine.

The fact that Hillary has to use Hollywood to make herself likable and believable is in character with trying to hide her Corporatist Agenda. I expect Martin O'Malley to go after Hillary in the debates.

The McMega-Media pundits seeing Hillary's down ward plunge, has concluded that we want another corporate candidate - like Joe Biden. No credit at all is given to Sanders for Hillary's decline.

Hillary is in tough spot, if she lets Bill out of the bag to help her it will be seen that Hillary cannot handle it on her own.

Anonymous said...

Wow Gary, that's pretty damning what you claim in your 12:23 post.

I bet you haven't a shred of real evidence to back up this claim do you? And please don't supply us with something from Bretbairt.

Pete Boggs said...

Oh, like-a-bull, not likable, I get it.

Anonymous said...

"please don't supply us with something from Bretbairt"

Breitbart is a lot more reliable than the raw sewage disseminating from Herndon, VA these days (Gannett HQ for the uninformed)

Gary R. Welsh said...

Clinton is just like Obama. His father is one big fat question mark. People can only speculate on who it is because of the strings that were pulled beginning at a very young age to give him a big leg up over other children, including those born into privilege. People don't become Rhodes Scholars and get into Yale who aren't known for opening a book to study if you're just an ordinary middle class kid from the backwoods of Arkansas. People who knew him in law school say it was very rare for him to show up for class. He got kicked out of Oxford after he raped a girl, and he goes home to Arkansas and gets elected the state's youngest attorney general and then its governor with no known family ties to launch a political career.

Anonymous said...

Tabloid 'journalism'

Josh said...

Hasn't America had enough of politicrime families?

Josh said...

Don't forget Bill's time in Moscow. He seems like another human life used if not created and controlled by the cia. Kinda like our current president.