Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Feds Arrest Sullivan County Council Member For Vote Fraud And Witness Tampering

In a very rare prosecution, federal agents have charged Max Judson, a Democratic member of the Sullivan County Council, with vote fraud and witness tampering. Judson, who won his 2014 Democratic primary race by just 18 votes, is accused of enabling a person who didn't reside in Sullivan County to illegally cast a vote in the Democratic primary and improperly assisting 15 other registered voters in casting absentee ballots in that race. Judson is also accused of tampering with witnesses. According to WTHI-TV, Judson faces up to 25 years in prison if convicted of the vote fraud and witness tampering charges. It is highly unusual to see a case like this brought by federal authorities. State prosecutors typically handle election law violations.


LamLawIndy said...

Maybe the fraudulent voter also voted in federal elections during the primary or perhaps came from out of state.

Gary R. Welsh said...

No, it involved a resident from neighboring Green County.

Anonymous said...

Wow. The system really wanted that other guy to win.

This is what the Feds worry about? Are the Feds just muscle for local political machines? Are the local political machines created by the Feds?

It's pretty obvious that you're rolling the dice when you decide to vote or run for office. Indiana has a big war on voting and government participation going on.

What could possibly be occurring in Sullivan County that the machine needed its guy on the Council so badly?

Josh said...

Meanwhile, isis disguised as "refugees" is being given room and board across America by the 0bama regime.

Anonymous said...

Someone forward the story to Richard Sutton and any other dumb Democrats who have been bleating for years that no voter fraud exists in Indiana. Groth would be another good one to inform since he seems to have problems recognizing evidence. Still, the idea that State prosecutors go after these crimes seems overblown to me....They don't. They are, seemingly, mostly corrupt.