Monday, September 28, 2015

More On Tweedle Dee Versus Tweedle Dum For Indianapolis Mayor

In case you were undecided about there being no real choices in this year's Indianapolis mayor's race, check out the uninspiring, soft-pedaled interviews Fox 59 conducted this weekend on its InFocus program with Joe Hogsett and Chuck Brewer. Hogsett's interview can be viewed here, while Brewer's interview can be viewed here. They're both going to hire that magical number of 150 new police officers to deal with the City's crime problem and use "smarter policing" to get better results. There are no other issues worth discussing. How do the "journalists" in this city covering this mayor's race look at themselves in the mirror with any respect?


Anonymous said...

Hiring 150 new IMPD officers? Hardly inspired since this has already been in the works for the better part of a year. Tell us how you'll hire the needed 300 officers to replace officers retiring in droves.

Pete Boggs said...

Establishment options are more about burning out the base; an unappealing "offer" of one clean spoon & two dirty bowls.

Anonymous said...

150 more cops

150 more benefits packages

150 more lifetime pensions

150 more cop cars

150 more cars doing personal shopping with public gas

150 more cops writing traffic tickets

150 more cops killing citizens

I can't afford 150 more cops. I don't want 150 more cops.

Anonymous said...

Mirrors were removed from Gannett long ago in an effort to improve morale and end the suicides(or dead careers in their dead end organization).

Downtown Indy said...

Well, Hogsett is now saying he's going to demolish every vacant/abandoned home in the city. That's running $15k to $20 per house these days. There are 8,000 or so of them. That's about $120 million. Where's he going to get that kind of scratch?

Coupling this with his previous ad where he hired a (presumably retired) police officer to

1. recount his experience with a wanted felon they were tracking,
2. who was loading a bunch of guns (presumably stolen) into a car and
3. then goes off on a tale about a clean buyer doing a (straw) purchase to provide the felon with the handgun with which he shot the police officer and
4. clearly alluding to some need to enhance gun laws, despite pointing out the seller was arrested, convicted and sentenced

I can safely say Hogsett is out of his ever-loving mind.