Monday, August 11, 2014

North St. Louis Suburb Erupts After Police Allegedly Shoot Unarmed 18-Year Old

Peaceful protests quickly turned to widespread looting and violence in a northern suburb of St. Louis yesterday after a police officer allegedly shot and killed an unarmed 18-year old black man around noon yesterday. Hundreds of police were called into the community of Ferguson after things quickly spun out of control when dozens of eyewitnesses saw a police officer shoot Michael Brown dead in the middle of the street. Police claim there was an altercation between the police officer and Brown and a struggle over a gun, while other eyewitnesses in the neighborhood claimed Brown was minding his own business walking home from a nearby convenience store with a friend when confronted by the police officer. Brown's body laid in the street for hours as larger and larger crowds began gathering. About 100 protesters surrounded the Ferguson police station demanding justice. An impromptu vigil took a bad turn as the day turned into the night. Hundreds began rioting, vandalizing area businesses and looting them. Fires were set and dozens of businesses were destroyed. Dozens have been arrested and several police officers suffered minor injuries. The situation seems to have calmed down early as daylight arrived.


Anonymous said...

People are being mowed down by police, and absolutely nothing is happening to the cops. Nothing. Few countries on Earth, and perhaps no other first-world country, finds their governments killing as many people as does the entirety of the American government.

The cops can kill every person they see, absent any justification for summary execution, and no prosecutor or judge will hold them accountable. How many cops are on death row for killing citizens?

Nobody cares about the people killed by police, so the victims are forcing people to start caring.

With the people being absolutely powerless to stop these execution squads, they are fighting back in the only way they can. They're enlarging the pool of those harmed by the police so that others are now forced to join in the discussion.

Under the limited tactics available to the oppressed, if you kill a citizen, your mall burns down. As they see it, when the pain of murder lands at your door, perhaps you'll stop doing it or demand that it stop.

This may not be the best weapon one might use if given a full range of resources, but the people are out of options. Every one of us could be killed by a cop on the street, and nothing would happen to the cop. The entire system will support the cop, and you'll be dead and forgotten.

Most homicides are unsolved, but if you kill a cop, they'll solve that crime in about 20 minutes.

How are people supposed to fight back against such a powerful, well funded and unaccountable army? Do the looters need to burn down the entire city before people will finally bring the cops to justice?

Any response to this matter will be ineffective if it fails to consider the perspective of the oppressed.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:56 - "Lighten up, Cato!"

First, here's a rule for you: "Don't resist arrest."

Second: Rioting and looting are symbolic gestures of Obama's "FREE EVERYTHING". He has ObamaPhones, ObamaCare, ObamaWelfare, ObamaHousing...all at taxpayer expense.

Sooner or later he'll run out of other people's money to spend. But after seeing this report, his constituents found another way to get "free" stuff.

We cannot tolerate lawlessness in America. We cannot afford to pay for Obama's "TAX AND SPEND" policies....

Anonymous said...

Wow! Anon 8:56 a.m. had his oppression of Indianapolis exposed! That was a lie he stated.

Thank goodness others look up the facts to show that the oppressors exist and use propaganda to effect their objective....

Anonymous said...

Cops are not infallible. Unfortunately,some cops and departments believe differently. Some are of the belief they're above the law. It's a problem when that belief is held by an entire department. The proof of such beliefs will reveal themselves in the department's contempt for the citizens they're sworn to protect.

Remember when Mayor Goldsmith's favorite sons of IPD were the source for a brawl in downtown Indianapolis?

Moreover,look no further than what the entire system--including IMPD,Brizzi,the FOP,Ballard administration and the court of Grant Hawkins-- did everything they could possibly conceive to keep David Bisard from being held accountable for his drunken and murderous rampage.

That's fact,not opinion.

Anonymous said...

So the cops want to shut people up who disagree with them or criticize them.

That's disgusting and scary. How far will cops go to silence opposition? Will the cops kill a critic if they can't silence the person through other means?