Monday, August 25, 2014

British Newspaper: Experts Agree Foley Beheading Video Was Staged After Internet Sleuths Expose

Brave journalist ... James Foley on assignment in Aleppo, Syria. Picture: Nicole Tung
The mainstream media has been exploiting a video supposedly released by ISIS terrorists allegedly showing a British man beheading American photojournalist James Foley who was allegedly captured in Syria in 2012 and had been held captive since. Various Internet sleuths were quick to point out how obvious it was that the events taking place in the video were staged--the use of a stage prop dummy that didn't even resemble Foley, green screen effects and all. Jihadi John, the British rapper turned terrorist who supposedly beheaded Foley, was a lieutenant of Osama bin Laden we're now told, which makes him a more likely candidate to be working for MI6 or the CIA than a true terrorist. The UK Times now reports that experts agree that the video was staged, although we're to believe the actual beheading of Foley really occurred.
The video of a British jihadist beheading an American hostage was probably staged, with the actual murder taking place off-camera, according to forensic analysis.
Footage of James Foley’s death at the hands of a man with a London accent provided a powerful propaganda tool for Islamic State — formerly Isis — when it was uploaded on to the internet and broadcast around the world last week . . .
“I think it has been staged,” said one expert in visual forensics, after he was commissioned by The UK Times to examine the footage.
“My feeling is that the execution may have happened after the camera was stopped.”
Aymenn al-Tamimi, a fellow at the Middle East Forum think-tank, said over the years ISIS militants have improved the production quality of their videos.
Firstly, no blood can be seen, even though the knife is drawn across the neck area at least six times. Secondly, sounds allegedly made by Foley do not appear consistent with what may be expected.
The forensic analysis expert said that no incision could be seen on Foley’s neck, though the right hand of the jihadist partially blocked the shot.
While the forensics company, which asked to remain anonymous, did not reach a definitive answer they did conclude that at some point an execution of Foley did take place . . . 
The truth about James Foley also raises serious doubts as to whether he was a legitimate photojournalist. It has been revealed that Foley worked for USAID and Teach For America in Iraq. USAID was long ago exposed as nothing more than a CIA front organization. This was not the first time he was captured by terrorists. His capture in Libya in 2011 was exploited to promote American military intervention there as evidenced in this staged interview with Faux News' Bill O'Reilly.

If you had any doubt about the James Foley beheading story being nothing more than a staged hoax, check out the interviews of his siblings, who looked and acted more like a cat who had just swallowed the canary than a grieving brother and sister. It's just further evidence that you can't believe anything that is reported by the mainstream media anymore.


Anonymous said...

Foley was a diversion from Ferguson.

Gary R. Welsh said...

I thought the idiotic ALS Ice Bucket challenge was their latest diversion to distract the American people.

Anonymous said...

His mother spoke on NPR today...Forensics may also note, little sound of remorse or grief in dialogue....All PR...Sad....Hope the interview was filmed too.