Friday, August 08, 2014

List Of Highest State-Paid Officials Reflects Indiana's Obsession With Sports

The Star has posted a list of the 20 highest-paid officials in Indiana. Naturally, four of the top ten are coaches at state universities, starting with the highest paid, IU basketball coach Tom Crean who earns $2.943 million. Purdue basketball coach Matt Painter earns $2.079 million, followed by Purdue football coach Darrell Hazell at $1.886 million and IU football coach Kevin Wilson at $1.276 million.

Seven of the top 20 paid officials work for Citizens Energy, which helps explain why your water and sewer bills are skyrocketing. CEO Carey Lykins is pulling down an absurd $1.932 million to maintain his permanent, year-round suntan. Senior Vice President William Tracy earns over $981,000 a year. Vice President of Water Operations Lindsay Lindgren is paid $904,770. The nonprofit's CFO pulls down close to $700,000 a year. A pair of senior vice presidents, Margaret Richcreek and Jeffrey Harrison, are paid $670,000 and $569,000, respectively. I wish someone would expose how much money Citizens wastes on suites and tickets for Colts and Pacers games to entertain our corrupt politicians and all of the wasteful consulting contracts with other members of the downtown mafia who support their racket masquerading as a public benefit corporation aimed at keeping utility rates low.


Pete Boggs said...

Those who fail the lessons of Rome are committed to failure. Greed & the illusion of power (that which actually resides at unfamiliar altitude) are pitfalls- not destinations.

Economic literacy owes nothing, nothing, to sophomoric wanting. Economically, we have a gladiator culture that's designed & destined to fail.

There is no party of Constitutionally reconciled or limited government in Indiana; except for the Tea Party, which is really a movement or response to the Romanesque repetition of failure.

Proposals for the wanton expansion (extra Constitutional) of government's waste line or programs, are couched in a language of gibberish & not economics. Reason is not a language of excuse...

Anonymous said...

SO, Mitch makes 10K per week being the president of Purdue.

local landlord said...

I'll bet if you placed a referendum on the ballot asking voters to limit state employee salaries to a maximum of $200,000 per year it would pass. And somehow we would still win ball games and keep the water flowing. This is Indiana. I like to think we have a sensible streak running through us. Do we really believe in the necessity of such exorbitant salaries. To tell you the truth, I think Carey Lykins was the worst possible choice for his position(s) and I wish the man would move on. Ballard letting out million dollar contracts for recycling and public relations. Such waste. We should tear down our empty houses mostly owned by the land bank and make sure our poor are housed and fed. Huge salaries for questionable talent seems wrong to me. People work hard for their money. They want their tax dollars to count. Public servants should earn modest wages.