Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Indiana Seeks To Purge Inactive Voter Registrations

Indiana has 4.4 million active registered voters but as many as 700,000 or about 16% of that total no longer live at a deliverable address. The State Board of Elections mailed follow-up postcards to the addresses of returned postcards from an initial mailing in an effort to update the state's registered voter lists. If the voter doesn't cast any votes in elections held before January, 2017, their name will be removed from the registered voter list. Indiana has been criticized for having more registered voters in many counties than eligible adults residing in the county.

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Pete Boggs said...

Why not enlist the assistance of professionals; those capable of such discovery, like True The Vote, vs. perennial failure of those elected to do the d*mn job?

Various state election commissions, including Indiana, are culpable & likely negligent in their mishandling of these responsibilities.