Saturday, August 30, 2014

Tony Stewart's Return Press Conference

Here's the full video of yesterday's press conference where Tony Stewart announced he would return to NASCAR racing this weekend at the race in Atlanta. Stewart's emotional comments were very brief. He said he has suffered "a sadness and pain I hope no one has to experience in their life." He called out Kevin Ward's Jr.'s family members by name, who he said he thought about every day and prayed for. He said he took time off "out of respect for Kevin Ward and his  family" and "to cope with the accident in my own way." Stewart said he missed his team, teammates and being back in the race car, and he thought by returning to racing it would help him get through it. He declined to answer questions based on the ongoing investigation into Ward's death.

Brett Frood of Stewart-Haas racing took a few questions from reporters following Stewart's announcement, but we learned very little new. Frood said it has been Stewart's decision to sit out the last three races. He said NASCAR has cleared him to race this weekend, but he declined to respond to a reporter's question about what that clearance process entailed. Frood indicated that Stewart had not spoken directly to the family of Kevin Ward, Jr. since his death, although he hoped to do that at some point in the future as part of the healing process.


Wayne Sharp said...

Stewart only feels sorry for himself, most likely blames Ward for everything he has gone through since the incident and "hopes no one has to go through what he has experienced". Ward went through worse. Now hot head Stewart will have to watch his temper every minute or future incidents could play out against him in Criminal or Civil Court. I am sure Stewart did not sit out for consideration of anyone - he planned to race the very next day - attorney Voyles very likely told him not to race so as not to expose his violent temper any more.

local landlord said...

I for one don’t forgive him for this questionable accident. He’s gotten off quite easy. And I hope we’ve seen the last of his childish temper tantrums. Look where they’ve gotten us. The boy was just emulating the same, bad conduct he learned from watching Tony Stewart. And Stewart is the type of experienced driver that can come within a hair’s breadth of another car without colliding. I think he exercised terrible judgment in coming so close to the kid, and maybe even meant to scare him or bump him. He doesn’t come off innocent in my mind. I think he bears the responsibility for this death, and I also think it was completely shallow to lay off racing for only three races. He should take the year off to really think about what he’ done. I think he will be booed from the stands. I would boo him. And I think he’s got a lifetime of making it all up to us. This is a man of privilege. An adult. He owed a heightened sense of caution around young amateurs. He failed at this and he’s lucky he’s not in jail. If it had been a criminal trial and I was on the jury they would have had a hard time convincing me that he didn’t do it on purpose in the heat of some machismo moment. I think he ought to be ashamed of himself, and his next million in earnings ought to go to the family of the boy he killed. I’m sure they would rather have their boy back than ten million dollars. To me, Tony Stewart is and will always be a total jerk. Don’t go away mad, Tony, just go away.

Anonymous said...

My two cents, Ward's death is the result of two idiots. With that said, I do believe the death is a weight on Tony. They both are responsible for what happened, and unfortunately, Ward didn't live to tell. To say Ward had no part in this is ridiculous.

The argument can be made for any high profile individual in the sports world?

To me, Jim Irsay is and will always be a total jerk.

That America holds a sports figure or some stupid Hollywood yahoo in high regards is sad. Our military? The doctors who help and cure? Those are my heroes.